Tawzer Dog | We May Not Be Rocket Scientists But We Can Be The Engineers

We May Nor Be Rocket Scientists, But We Can Be The Engineers

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In just a couple of decades a few scientifically minded trainers started a transformation that has moved this profession from one based on folklore to one where it has become the norm to use the established principles of learning theory to make the world better for pet dogs. The next big thing is likely come from the explosion of discoveries in canine cognition of ethologists, psychologists, and evolutionary biologists studying dogs in their actual habitat, human households. The challenge is seeing applications for these revelations about how things so often go so right between humans and dogs and translating that into ways to enrich these relationships even more. Dog trainers are the ones for the job.

Presentation by: Janis Bradley

Cover photo by: Robert LaFollette

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Presenter Bios:

Janis Bradley is director of communications and publications at the National Canine Research Council and an acclaimed author.


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