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Submit your video to be viewable by our monthly subscribers


You must be an "expert" in your field and you must be the expert shown in the video.

Video must be fully produced by you, we will not be editing your video.

You must own all rights to the video, be the copyright owner and owner of any itellectual property shown in the video.

Your video CANNOT include video clips that you've taken from YouTube or the like unless you have a "written" release from the copyright holder.

Your video CANNOT include music that you do not own the copyright to or have a license to use.

Your video must use +R methodologies...NO choke collar, no shock collar etc ABSOLUTELY NO AVERSIVES!

We are not a distributor or wholesale of your video or DVD. Your submission if accepted would only be available to our monthly subscribers via Video-On-Demand.


Tawzer Dog will payout a content provider royalty based on popularity of your video. Here is how the CP royalty works:

Total Tawzer Dog Monthly Subscription Revenue X (Content Provider's Total Month Streams divided by Total Tawzer's Month Streams) X 20% Royalty = Content Provider's Royalty for the Month. 


If interested in submitting a video please email to request instructions and specs on submitting a video. In a future update of this website we will be incorporating a more automated upload process to submit videos.