Tawzer Dog has several options to meet your educational needs and budget.


BUY buttons allow you to make a one-time purchase of a specific video. There are two BUY options:     

  1. VOD ONLY - Gives you unlimited Video-On-Demand access to the video you've purchased as well as any training documents that accompany that video.
  2. VOD + DVD - Gives you lifetime Video-On-Demand access to the video you purchased plus a DVD will be shipped to you. The price for this option is slightly higher than the VOD ONLY price but includes the DVD shipping costs (you will not be charged an additional shipping fee).
    • DVDs are shipped within 1-3 days of order being placed however you have access to view the VOD (video-on-demand) immediately.
    • DVDs are shipped via USPS Media Mail for domestic shipments and USPS First Class International for shipments outside the U.S.A
    • DVDs will automatically ship to the mailing address listed on your account profile. No dropshipping available.

Please note DVDs are not available with RENT or SUBSCRIPTION options. DVDs will eventually be phased out in the future but for now they are still available through the BUY option.

DVD's have been discontinued as of 11/01/2021 due to high cost of material and very limited availability. We Apologies for any inconvenience. But VOD and subscription service will continue without issues


RENT buttons allow you to make a 48 hour Pay-Per-View purchase of a specific video. When you pay for a rental you will have limited 48 hours VOD (video-on-demand) access to that title. Your access to view that video title will expire exactly 48 hours from time of rental purchase. To view again, you must either do a one time BUY for lifetime access, RENT it again or sign up for our SUBSCRIPTION.


Purchasing a Tawzer Dog subscription is a REOCCURRING MONTHLY payment of $49 for an individual account (1 user) and $199 REOCCURRING MONTHLY for business accounts (5 users) for corporate use. Larger corporate subscriptions can be customized upon request. Active subscribers will have unlimited access to the largest selection of +R video training in the world. Tawzer Dog's video library has over 1500 hours of canine training and behavior videos. The library is constantly growing! 

To request a custom subscription plan for your business (more than 5 users) send email to please include the following in your email:

    • Your Company's Name
    • Your Company's Address
    • Your Company's Phone
    • The # of Employees you want to have a login to access your business subscription

Please note: business accounts are for businesses and schools that have employees or students in which the business or school is paying for their continued education with Tawzer Dog. An individual account is not suitable for sharing as the use of numerous IP addresses will flag a security issue in your account and account will be placed on hold.

What is a user account?

A user account is where you login to view your purchases or subscription videos. For your security and ours, your user account is NOT shareable. If our system detects user abuse, it will automatically lock out your account for suspicious activity and you'll have to contact us to reactivate your current account or request to upgrade to a multi-user business subscription.