Tawzer Dog | Using Clicker Training to Address Feline Behavior Issues

Using Clicker Training to Address Feline Behavior Issues

Video Description:

Many talented canine behavior professionals have added clicker training to their behavior modification protocols, and cats can benefit in similar ways. Clicker training can be a fun way to teach alternate behaviors, solve problems and deepen the human-cat bond. Clicker training enables us to take advantage of the cat's natural tendencies and channel them in ways that are more acceptable to us humans. Cats jumping on counters, fighting with housemates, and avoiding handling are only a few of the issues I will cover. Learn ways to add clicker training to your cat behavior and training toolbox, whether for your clients or yourself! I'll include some training games so everyone can find out how challenging it can be on the receiving end of the click!

Presentation by: Jacqueline Munera

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Presenter Bio:

Jacqueline Munera is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant. She teaches a variety of group dog classes at Courteous Canine, Inc. in Florida and is co-instructor of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute's Diploma of Feline Behavior program. She coaches human clients to learn to live in harmony with their dog and cat companions. She also goes to school full time at New College of Florida, where she pursues studies in animal cognition and behavior. Her adopted rescue cat, Jazzmanda, is the first feline Delta Society Pet Partner registered in the Tampa Bay area. Jacqueline and Jazzmanda are also the first human-cat team in the world to pass level 2 of Kay Laurence's challenging test of clicker training skills, the Competency Assessment Program (CAP). Another of Jacqueline's rescue cats, Pedro, starred in the clicker training video Ankle Attack, the winner of the 2007 Karen Pry or Cam's Film Festival's feline division.

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