Tawzer Dog | Understanding Research: Making the Case for Force-free Training

Understanding Research: Making the Case for Force-free Training

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As science-based dog trainers, it's important that we understand scientific research and make the best use of the science materials available to us in order to most effectively support our position as Force-Free trainers. We’ll be sampling some fascinating research from the Russian silver fox study examining selective breeding for tameness and aggression, and “visit” some wolfdogs on our research journey. Below are the questions and topics that will be outlined to help us determine which principles and ideas are grounded in science and which ideas are someone thinking out loud: What is the scientific method, exactly?   What are the criteria that should be met to qualify as a rigorous science research study?  How important are case studies, really?  Where does science-based dog training come from? A look at the history of  "learning".   Pavlov is everywhere.  Physiological/reflexive response includes the lowering of heart-rate and the modulation of neuro-chemicals such as endorphins.  Wolpe: Systematic Desensitization and Counter-conditioning  The Behavior of Organisms and the Misbehavior of Organisms: From Skinner to Breland   What is a peer-reviewed study? Understanding the scholarly journal article: Abstract, Literature Search, Subjects, Methodology, Statistics, Conclusion and Interpretation, Citations.   How does science seek to prevent bias?   Why is understanding Reliability and Validity important?   Relationships: Cause and Effect vs Correlational  How I would investigate and analyze a topic in order to decide on my opinion, without being an expert in the area, using my work with wolfdogs as an illustration   What are some great scientific resources for Force-Free trainers?

Presentation by: Linda Michaels, M.A.

Cover photo by: Robert LaFollette

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Linda Michaels, M.A. is a San Diego-based Victoria Stilwell Positively trainer who focuses on the psychological aspects of canine behavior.

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