Tawzer Dog | The Expanding Role of Therapy Animals

The Expanding Role of Therapy Animals

Video Description:

We all know how valuable the human-animal bond can be. In addition to health benefits and mental wellness, therapy dogs are being put to use as support for children and other victims who have to testify in depositions, hearings and trials. What are the challenges in asking our canine companions to help in this way?

Presentation by: Janet Velenovsky

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Presenter Bio:

Janet Velenovsky is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and a Therapy Animal Consultant (TAG) with IAABC and is Chair of the Human-Animal Mutualism Division. Janet is also a CPDT, and a professional member of APDT. Janet and her Golden Retriever, Piper, are registered with the Delta Society, and she works locally and on a national level with HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response. Janet also has a strong feline side; she's been owned by cat(s) since the age of 6. She has a special interest in finding ways to help owners create a supportive home for dogs and cats together. Janet is a co-creator of the patent-pending Gentle Leader "Come With Me Kitty" cat harness by Premier Pet Products.

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