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Scent Work in Dogs

Video Description:

This seminar video covers the two main types of scent work: air scenting and scent-specific work. Susan will discuss the applications of scent work, including (but not limited to) search and rescue, police, military, and sport. Wind, weather and terrain can affect scent; this will be discussed, along with an overview of training methods.

Presentation by: Susan Bulanda

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Presenter Bio:

Susan Bulanda is a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and an internationally recognized search and rescue dog expert. Susan has over 25 years of field experience in canine search and rescue and is certified as an incident commander. She has trained dogs for air scenting, scent-specific, land and water body recovery, and disaster work. She is also the first person to train dogs to detect toxic mold and holds a patent on the process.

This video qualifies for 1 trainer CEUs