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Ready, Set, HIKE!

Video Description:

Join Nancy Tanner, for a day of training and discussion, to prepare you and your dog for back country hiking and wilderness first aid.
Ready, Set, HIKE! is celebrating its 4 Year Anniversary in the back country, so we wanted to share our information in a full day workshop. A great opportunity for the beginning thru avid hiker, as well as trainers, City Planners, looking to add a new program to their curriculum! This program doesn’t teach people how to hike, we assume if you know how to walk, then hiking will be a breeze! RSH prepares dogs and their owners to use trails responsibly while enjoying the back country.
  • Self-control in the car is where the hike begins
  • Trail etiquette – multi use trails, what are you responsible for?
  • The Back Country is not a dog park, how to change what your doing
  • Working on specific behaviors all dog/owner teams should have before stepping  out onto a trail. Directionals, recalls in the great outdoors, off trail stays, between, trail fetch, behind, trail passing, and more!
  • Creating a hiking partner – how far is too far? Working on space
  • Right of Ways
  • Trail choice – knowing you and your dog’s ability
  • Seasonal, dry, wet, high, low hiking – benefits, considerations? You bet!
  • Wilderness first aid tips – prevention
  • Gear, clothing, what to bring in your day pack for you and your dog
  • Paw Care – staying mobile
  • Hiking Solo with your dog – tips
  • Trapping and hunting considerations 
  • Taking photos … it’s a must! 
  • … and more!

Presentation by: Nancy Tanner

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Presenter Bio:

Nancy Tanner, CPDT-KA, is an internationally known trainer and the owner of Paws & People, LLC  in Bozeman Montana.  She takes an integrative approach to training, working with the whole dog.  She designs programs to work with the social, emotional, physical and nutritional well being of each dog, whether people are training for competition or just wanting a balanced family pet. 

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This video qualifies for 6 trainer CEUs