Tawzer Dog | Raw Meat Diets: Maximizing Benefits While Reducing Risks

Raw Meat Diets: Maximizing Benefits While Reducing Risks

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Many pet owners are under the impression that since they make food-related decisions for themselves, that there is no need to seek expert advice when it comes to feeding their pet. Providing a pet with a home-prepared diet that meet its needs is not easy, and either the need to, or personal preference to, feed a home-prepared diet to a pet means that some consideration will have to be given to providing a “balanced” diet, meaning one that meets all of the pet’s nutritional requirements without excess. A balanced diet for a dog or cat provides approximately 40 different nutrients in specific quantities. The consequences of feeding an unbalanced diet are variable depending on the life stage of the pet, the degree and duration of deficiency or excess, and the specific nutrient deficiencies. This presentation emphasizes potential pitfalls of home-prepared diets and how they can be avoided to safely provide appropriate nutrition while filling the need to, or desire to, provide pets with a home-prepared diet.

Presentation by: Amy Farcas, DVM, MS, DACVN

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Dr. Farcas received her DVM degree from the University of California-Davis; she then went on to a rotating internship at a private referral hospital and spent the next year in general practice before returning to UC Davis for a residency in small animal clinical nutrition, followed by a master’s degree in Nutritional Biology. She joined the staff at the University of Pennsylvania as a lecturer in clinical nutrition in 2013 and has a particular interest in incorporating nutrition into practice and making nutrition accessible to veterinary professionals, students, animal handlers, and pet owners. 

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