Tawzer Dog | Raising the Working Puppy: A comparison of programs

Raising the Working Puppy: A comparison of programs

Video Description:

This panel compares puppy raising strategies in large and small programs, established programs and new programs, nonprofit versus private commercial and across disciplines. Temperament testing, working with volunteer puppy raisers and professional trainers was compared and contrasts.

David Kroyer- The focus of this program is on the development of performance dogs, particularly in canine sports. Puppies are selected to enter the program for specific careers in protection sport competition. The focus is on training dogs to be active learners. Dogs live at the kennel facility.

Kerry Lemerise- The program is strongly based on the relationship between dog and handler. The focus is on the data that is collected from the dogs, including puppy testing at 8 weeks. Dogs are bred at the center and placed in foster (puppy raiser) homes for the first year to 18 months with weekly-biweekly training.

Annemarie Deangelo- The program focuses on a customized curriculum and foundation training that starts at 8 weeks and allows the dog to pursue a career based on the skills of the dog. Dogs are trained daily but live with fosters.

Presentation by: David Kroyer, Kerry Lemerise & Annemarie Deangelo

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