Tawzer Dog | Puppy Kindergarten Class Highlights

Puppy Kindergarten Class Highlights

Video Description:

This video is the best way to get every puppy off to a great start! Watch Chris demonstrate THE THIRD WAY’S world-renowned and easy Three Foundation Games, which have proven to be the best way for preparing puppies to be outstanding pets, competitive partners, working dogs, or service companions. In addition, Chris shows you successful yet easy techniques and tools that effectively and humanely guide a pup’s behavior and manage his environment so problems can be prevented or viable problem solving programs can be implemented. Remember that what is learned during puppyhood lasts a lifetime. Make it count by utilizing THE THIRD WAY’S approach to preparing puppies for a lifetime of happy, harmonious, and reliably obedient relationships with people.

Presentation by: Chris Bach

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Presenter Bio:

Chris Bach began to study dogs as soon as she was old enough to hold a leash and the result of her life-long passion for dogs is her unique, innovative, reliable and, most importantly, distinctly dog-friendly approach to training called THE THIRD WAY.

As an adult, Chris used her evolving theories and techniques to become a top obedience trial competitor with a loyal following of students who also competed successfully in obedience and other dog sports. She then branched out into non-competitive venues by counseling pet owners and becoming actively involved with the service dog industry. Her love for working with puppies resulted in her developing a Puppy Kindergarten class curriculum that is cutting edge in the industry today.  Chris is a charter board member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and a popular speaker about dog behavior and training in both the U.S. and Canada.

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