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Teaching Puppy Headstart

Video Description:

This video was shot during the Coaching People To Train Their Dogs two week workshop at Legacy Canine Training and Behavior. The twelve students then hold a class using the Terry Ryan's model for Puppy Headstart. After the training session, there is an Q & A regarding the class. This is followed by an actual class in session, with Terry Ryan as the instructor.

Sit in on an actual class in session. This is not a seminar setting, but an actual working class. Puppy Headstart gives new puppies and their owners a chance to socialize and become accustom to other dogs and people. In addition, puppies are exposed to brief exercises to introduce them to new situations. Visit the classes in session and see how a puppy headstart works with live video of owners and their dogs.

Presentation by: Terry Ryan, CPDT-KA

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Presenter Bio:

Terry Ryan, CPDT-KA, President of Legacy Canine Behavior & Training, has been a dog training class instructor since 1968. Through Legacy, Terry teaches pet dog classes, writes books, presents national and international seminars and workshops, hosts interns and consults. She was the Coordinator of the People-Pet Partnership, College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University from 1981 until 1994. Terry was a competitor and American Kennel Club judge. She’s on the American Humane Society’s advisory board for humane dog training. Terry and her husband, Bill, live in Sequim with their English Cocker Spaniel, Brody.

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This video qualifies for 2 trainer CEUs