Tawzer Dog | Performance Training for Reliability Accuracy and Relationships

Performance Training for Reliability Accuracy and Relationships

Video Description:

This is a fast pace working seminar with lots of live demos.

The Recipe for Attention

  • How to get intensity
  • The Contract
  • The File
  • The Ingredients
  • The Directions
  • The Results: Voluntary attention

Prompts and Props for Getting
Accuracy and Attitude

  • Chutes
  • Go through
  • Look back
  • Get it
  • Mark it
  • Around

Teaching Positions and Position Changes

  • Sit/Maintain
  • Down/Maintain
  • Stand/Maintain
  • Down to the Settle position
  • Sit from the Down position

Teaching Fronts and Heeling

  • What is it
  • Where is it
  • How to find it
  • How to maintain it while moving

The Drop on Recall

  • Combining the Down position with the Front position


  • Focus on the jump
  • Angle jumping
  • The High and Bar jumps
  • The Broad jump

The Retrieve

  • The hold
  • The move
  • The delivery
  • The grab
  • Proofing the Retrieve
  • The three “D’s” of distractions

The Moving Stand

  • The quick stop
  • The finish


  • Combing the position changes
  • Adding distance


  • The “mark”
  • The “range”
  • The “commitment”


  • Let the articles do the talking

Go Outs

  • The mission
  • The target
  • The turn and Sit
  • Combining jumping w/go-outs

Presentation by: Chris Bach

Copyright © 2008, Tawzer Dog LLC

Presenter Bio:

Chris Bach began to study dogs as soon as she was old enough to hold a leash and the result of her life-long passion for dogs is her unique, innovative, reliable and, most importantly, distinctly dog-friendly approach to training called THE THIRD WAY.

As an adult, Chris used her evolving theories and techniques to become a top obedience trial competitor with a loyal following of students who also competed successfully in obedience and other dog sports. She then branched out into non-competitive venues by counseling pet owners and becoming actively involved with the service dog industry. Her love for working with puppies resulted in her developing a Puppy Kindergarten class curriculum that is cutting edge in the industry today.  Chris is a charter board member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and a popular speaker about dog behavior and training in both the U.S. and Canada.

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No CEU's offered for this video per CCPDT.