Tawzer Dog | Penn Vet Working Dog Center’s Puppy Foundation Program: their First Day to Their First Job

Penn Vet Working Dog Center’s Puppy Foundation Program: their First Day to Their First Job

Video Description:

This video is an overview of the puppy foundation program used at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center (PVWDC).  PVWDC is a research center and dog training facility for working  dogs focused on scent detection.   Annemarie DeAngelo, Training Director and Pat Kaynaroglu, training manager, present an overview of the curriculum as well as the use of foster and volunteers to support the Center.  Puppies enter the program at 8 weeks of age and have individualized training plans based on their demonstrated areas of strength and challenges.  The trainers highlight the development of dogs in three areas – search & rescue, police canine and diabetes detection.  This video would be of particular interest to trainers, breeders and organizations looking to set up their own training program or learn more about the best practices used in the Penn Vet program.

Presentation by: Annemarie DeAngelo & Pat Kaynaroglu

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Presenter Bios:

About Pat Kaynaroglu: 

Pat graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a B.A. in Special Education. Her dogs have been used as therapy dogs in her special education classrooms. She coordinated the “Cody Project”, a community service program using school students to train search dogs. She received a Teacher of the Year Award from the Kids in Need Foundation in 2010. Pat has worked with volunteers in many non-profits. She was Director of PA Special Olympic Equestrian Events, an instructor at Thorncroft Equestrian Center, Director of the Upper Main Line YMCA “Open Doors” Program, and President and Volunteer Coordinator for Lake County Search and Rescue. Pat has been a search dog handler since 1992. She is a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Canine Search Specialist, Evaluator, and Instructor. Pat and her husband Hakan love the outdoors and have a mountain home in Colorado.

About Annemarie DeAngelo: 

Major Annemarie DeAngelo retired from the New Jersey State Police in January of 2012, concluding a distinguished thirty-one year career. She was assigned to patrol, canine, investigation and administration before rising to the command staff positions of Executive Officer in the Homeland Security Branch and Field Operations “Troop C” Commanding Officer. Annemarie was the founder and architect of the New Jersey State Police Canine Unit. She began training dogs for obedience and personal protection under the guidance of a military canine trainer in 1980. That experience steered her law enforcement career and she became the first NJSP narcotic dog (Buddy) handler. For the next 13 years she served in the Canine Unit as a handler, trainer, and ultimately unit leader. She earned trainer certifications from both the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office and the United States Police Canine Association. She is an active canine trial judge and advocate for law enforcement and civilian canine organizations. Annemarie and her canine partner “Buster” were awarded the National Detector Dog “Case of the Year” for an investigation and scent detection that led to the seizure of 1,200 kilograms of cocaine concealed in a tractor trailer. She was also the recipient of the prestigious “Gene Catre Memorial Award” presented by The College of New Jersey Criminal Justice Department for career contributions to the law enforcement community. Annemarie earned her Masters of Administrative Science degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University where she also earned a graduate certification in School Security and Safety Administration.

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