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New Insights for the Working Dog Team

Video Description:

The video includes:

Arleigh Reynolds “Beyond Basic Nutrition: Feeding for Optimum Performance”

Arleigh Reynolds, veterinary nutritionist and 2013 North American Champion sprint dog musher, discusses nutrition and conditioning with emphasis on the sled dog. He highlights the role of probiotics and nutritional supplements in maintaining optimal performance.

Lee Morgan “Veterinary Medicine on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race”

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is a 1049 mile epic race across the frontiers of Alaska that began in 1972. Each year approximately 60-75 teams of 16 dogs each participate in the event. Sled dogs face a variety of medical challenges arising from the rigors of the race. This presentation includes a history of the race and the unique medical and physiological problems a veterinarian faces in treating the canine athletes of this event.

Clark Pappas, Lukas Franck & Rob Lukason “Matching Dog to Handler”

Rob Lukason-Customs & Border Protection, Clark Pappas-Canine Companions for Independence and Lukas Franck-The Seeing Eye offer three distinctive prospectives on pairing handler and canine. Each program has unique selection criteria and team demands, giving trainers insight that can be applied to their own program.

Parvene Farhoody & Bob Bailey “Behavior Analysis: The Science Behind the Training”

Bob Bailey and Parvene Farhoody introduce trainers of all disciplines to the concept of systematic dog training, using applied behavior analysis. They discuss how to utilize a scientifically based evaluation of a training session to increase efficiency. Bob and Parvene also share their techniques for using a mechanized training philosophy which allows them to construct a training program that will drive dogs to a higher level of performance.

Also included in this 2 part video is:

  • Nancy Reyes “Relationship Assessment Tool (RAT)”
  • Annette Johansson “Detection Dogs: A New Tool for Forest Protection”

Presentation by: Arleigh Reynolds, Lee Morgan, Nancy Reyes, Annette Johansson, Clark Pappas, Lukas Franck, Rob Lukason Parvene Farhoody & Bob Bailey

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Presenter Bios:

About Clark Pappas:

Clark Pappas is the National Director of Participant Programs for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) in Santa Rosa, California. CCI has provided highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support for people with disabilities since 1975. Clark began working at CCI in 1988 as a trainer of dogs and instructor of clients. During his tenure at CCI he has been promoted to Training Manager and again to his current role as the National Director of Participant Programs. Clark oversees all national and regional operations that involve client operations, which include Applicant Outreach, Applicant Admissions, student selection (for Team Training), Team Training curricula, and Graduate (client) Support Services. CCI annually places approximately 260 dogs with individuals with disabilities. Clark received a BA in Psychology from Sonoma State University in 1985.

About Parvene Farhoody:

Parvene Farhoody has been training animals for over thirty-five years and started her own training and behavior business in 1992. Today, Parvene owns and operates Behavior Matters,® Inc., an Animal Behavior Consulting and Education service in New York City.

Parvene holds a Masters in Psychology with a concentration in Animal Behavior and Wildlife Conservation and is pursuing her PhD in Learning Processes and Behavior Analysis at Queens College in NYC, where she is also an Adjunct Professor. Her present research includes the effects of spaying and neutering dogs and the use of non- aversive interventions to reduce inter-dog aggression.

She’s a member of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, Animal Behavior Society, Animal Behavior Management Alliance, and a Past President of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). She consults with shelters and volunteer groups, writes articles for the public, trainers, and veterinarians and has been featured on local and national television.

Parvene works with many species including cats, birds, horses and chickens; however, the majority of her work remains with dogs. She shares her love for behavioral technology by giving lectures, seminars and workshops around the world teaching animal trainers how to be more effective and efficient through the use of humane, science-based teaching.

About Bob Bailey:

Bob Bailey is a biologist, chemist, and a businessman who was CEO and COO of Animal Behavior Enterprises (ABE), the first commercial enterprise to use operant conditioning to train animals (1943). Bob and his wife, Marian Breland Bailey, retired from their business in 1990. Marian died in 2001. Bob continues to teach and consult on animal training and behavior. In his 55+ year career Bob has trained or supervised the training of more than 140 species, totaling over 10,000 individuals. He has worked and consulted for the military, the police and other governmental organizations of several governments, including the US Navy (as Director of Training, US Navy Marine Mammal Program), US Army, Air Force, The Netherlands, etc. Bob has experience training animals and personnel to perform tasks in operational environments.

Bob's most recent publication is in the journal The Behavior Analyst in 2005: Operant Psychology Goes to the FairMarian and Keller Breland in the Popular Press, 1947– 1966, describing some of the early work of Marian and Keller Breland and some early history of operant conditioning.

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