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Military Working Dog Science and Technology for the Future

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Historically, very little sustained science and technology research has been conducted for the Military Working Dog to support the Soldier, and that may come from a perception that they provide unpredictable low technology capabilities.  In reality, the ability of the canine to work in a wide range of environments in combination with the Soldier and autonomous systems can greatly enhanced situational awareness of the individual Soldier in the future. Ultimately, there are many opportunities for basic and applied research supporting the MWD.  It is clear that, as a capability, the use of MWDs cannot be surpassed by any other system whether tactical or sensing at this time.   The MWD will continue to be utilized by the Army and research towards these needs above will help improve and enhance the capability of the MWD and the Soldier.

Presentation by: Dr. Stephen Lee

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Presenter Bios:

Dr. Stephen Lee:

Dr. Stephen Lee is currently serving as the U.S. Army Research Office Chief Scientist, which includes planning and developing the future vision of basic research for the Army Research Office while maintaining an active research program. The position involves coordination of the individual extramural programs within the Army Research Office with the needs of the Soldier and Army intramural laboratories. The strategy and vision of the ARL International Enterprise are the responsibility of the ARO Chief Scientist. His work at the Army Research Office includes basic research directed towards hazardous materials management, including studies in decontamination, detection, and protection. He has worked more recently, in developing the Army's focused Military working research program and supports efforts mimicking animals for Army applications.

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