Tawzer Dog | Masters in Behavior Conference

Masters in Behavior Conference

Video Description:

This is a four part video that includes all of Dr. Gosling's presentations at the 2011 Masters in Behavior Conference.

Part 1- What is Personality Temperament? 

Part 2- Principles of Measurement: test construction, reliability & validity.

Part 3- Some Findings on Aggression.

Part 4- Measuring Aggression & Other Traits in Dogs.

Presentation by: Dr. Sam Gosling

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Presenter Bio:

I am a personality/social psychologist with three main areas of interest. First, in my work on social perception, I study fundamental issues in impression formation: How do people form impressions on the basis of how others behave, what they look like, and cues in the physical environment? In much of this work I focus on issues of consensus and accuracy; for example, I compare the cues people use to make personality inferences to the cues that are actually valid. Second, in my cross-species work, I examine how research on animals can inform theories of personality and social psychology. For example, I have studied individual differences in personality and social behaviors in several species as well as how personality traits are perceived and described in humans and other animals, such as hyenas, dogs, and cats. I use these findings as a comparative framework in which to contextualize findings from research on human personality. More generally, my research draws on evolutionary as well as ecological principles: Evolutionary because Darwin's theory provides a framework for integrating research across species boundaries, and ecological because we cannot understand organisms independent of the environments in which they live. Finally, I am interested in using empirical indices to track trends in the history of psychology.

This video qualifies for 2 trainer CEUs and 3.5 behavior consultant CEUs