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Master the Growlies

Video Description:

Learn successful training and business practices for dog-dog aggression cases.

  • Improve your case resolution
  • Take on each dog-dog aggression case confidently.
  • Get pricing, sales & packaging right.

This two-day seminar includes:

Diagnostics, effective treatment tips, coaching strategies, pricing & policies, sales techniques, fully developed treatment plans, step-by-step case studies, video analysis, business tips, day training and more.

Presentation by: Veronica Boutelle & Mik Moeller

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Presenter Bios:

Mik Moeller is a professional dog trainer and a certified specialist in dog-dog aggression, his skill in reading dog body language and working with dogs is well known and respected among his peers. His leadership in the training field is reflected in his committed efforts toward improving the quality of life for dogs and building stronger bonds between dogs and their owners. A longtime trainer at the San Francisco SPCA and a professional dog walker for the Bay Area, Mik's expertise in successfully working with dogs of all types reflects his love of animals and a passion for what he does.

Mik's excitement for training started 14 years ago when he decided to enroll his new dog Mocha in a puppy class. In that class, he fell in love with training and decided to switch careers. He started working at the San Francisco SPCA in 1998 and graduated from the renowned SF/SPCA Dog Training Academy in 1999. As a certified dog trainer and behavior counselor, his talent for working with dogs, especially those who are aggressive toward other dogs, was noticed. Mik enthusiastically took on these challenging cases and was awarded special certification for dog-dog aggression in 2002 by Jean Donaldson, head of the SF/SPCA Dog Training Academy. Now a recognized expert in dog reactivity, Mik has written articles for various publications and given lectures on leash reactivity and dog park etiquette in the bay area.

An excellent instructor, Mik has taught basic and advanced public classes at the San Francisco SPCA for over ten years. Through his involvement teaching in the community, he has seen the need for new programs. Mik personally developed the original "growly dog" class. Now named Reactive Rover, this successful class focuses on dogs who are reactive to other dogs on leash. He has taught this much needed class for the last eight years.

While classes are a great tool for training, Mik realizes that many dogs need help in specific areas that can't be addressed properly in a class setting. Often, dogs need extra attention to work on a particular issue that a class structure can't provide. Some dogs are also too overwhelmed in a group, making it hard for them to pay attention and learn. In addition, many people have a hard time fitting classes into their busy schedules. Mik has been offering private consults and training sessions for the last ten years, providing dogs and owners with personalized attention and tailored training.

In addition to dog training, Mik has also been actively involved as a professional dog walker in the San Francisco community for over ten years. Seeing regular exercise as a healthy part of a dog's life and the difficulty of many owners to provide this much needed activity, Mik started offering to walk the dogs of his friends and clients along with his own dog Mocha. Before she knew it, Mik had a regular pack that he took to popular dog parks in the bay area.

His expertise in managing dog-dog interactions has given Mik a unique perspective toward the dog walking profession. As dog walking has become more and more popular, there is a need for recognized professional standards. A dog walker isn't necessarily a trainer and yet all walkers need to know how to competently deal with the inevitable confrontations with other dogs and people in our public spaces. Recognizing this need, Mik co-founded the Dog Walking Academy in 2003 to give dog walkers the necessary training to control their packs and maintain a safe environment in our public parks.

Veronica Boutelle is the founder and president of dog*tec and the author of How to Run a Dog Business and the co-author of Minding Your Dog Business. She writes the business column for APDT’s Chronicle of the Dog, is frequently published in many other dog industry journals, and is a sought-after speaker at conferences and dog training schools across the country. Veronica is the former Director of Behavior & Training at the San Francisco SPCA. She has been helping dog professionals create their dream businesses since 2003

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This video qualifies for 9 trainer CEUs