Tawzer Dog | Leading Trainers and Their Canine Partners to Self-Driven Excellence

Leading Trainers and Their Canine Partners to Self-Driven Excellence

Video Description:

Kayce Cover strives to optimize team performance by helping each partner know, perform, and critique their role. The dog must align his purpose with that of his trainer allowing the dog to drive his own excellence. Kayce teaches trainers that through strategic support their working dog can love the work and sustain the standards.  She covers multiple methods to align a dog with their task and how to recognize when that alignment occurs. This two part video includes:

  • Seminar “Leading Trainers andTheir Canine Partners to Self-Driven Excellence”
  • Hands-On “Relaxation the EASY Way: A Calm Canine is The Best Learner”
  • Hands-On “Using ‘Name and Explain’ to Turbocharge Training”

Presentation by: Kayce Cover

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Presenter Bios:

The first money Cover spent was to buy bird guides, and from the age of 9, she was determined to work with animals - specifically, dolphins, which she did. Cover has managed and trained animals at top zoos, oceanariums, and universities, including University of California at San Diego, University of Maryland at College Park, and Old Dominion University, the Smithsonian Institute's National Zoological Park, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Mystic Marinelife Aquarium, and numerous other institutions, as a consultant. She gained a BS in Animal Science, an MS in education, was a dance major (to discover how physical behavior is taught to humans), and reads extensively across many fields of research. Cover applied this education and experience in diverse ways, such as training monkeys to aid quadriplegics, teaching cows to tell scientists if they wanted food or a date with a bull, developing a practical system for two-way communication with animals and other non-verbal or semi-verbal beings, providing trained animal talent for theatrical productions such as the Kennedy Center and other venues. Cover has also provided technical support to scientists, business and private clients. Best of all, Kayce Cover has developed trainers, training curricula and training materials, and engaged in extensive outreach to spread the word and the fun, addressing over two and a half million people.

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