Tawzer Dog | Introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy

Introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy

Video Description:

This one-hour seminar video taped in Bozeman, Montana, features Nancy Rosen, Montana Chapter Coordinator for Intermountain Therapy Animals. Nancy presents an overview to address common questions for those wishing to get into the field of animal-assisted therapy with their dogs.

Nancy introduces you to the world of AAI (animal-assisted interactions): AAA (animal-assisted activities); and AAT (animal-assisted therapy); and explains each. She also explains the differences between service/assistance dogs and therapy dogs.
Also covered:  
  •   The positive results for the human when they are in contact with an animal.
  •   What makes a great handler.
  •   What makes a good therapy animal.
  •   What are the positives for the dog in AAI volunteering.
  •   What dogs must be able to do to qualify for therapy work and what traits to look for.
  •   Introduction to Reading Education Assistance Dogs® (the R.E.A.D.® Program).

For more information on animal assisted therapy, visit WWW.THERAPYANIMALS.ORG

Presentation by: Nancy Rosen

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Presenter Bio:

Nancy Rosen, coordinator of Intermountain Therapy Animals, with her teammate Eli, a Standard Poodle. Nancy has been involved in Animal Assisted Interventions since 1998, when she started volunteering w/ITA in Salt Lake City with her first therapy dog, Maggie, a Bichon Frise. Along with working in the SLC office, Nancy became a workshop instructor and evaluator. She returned to Bozeman in 2002 and established the Montana chapter, of which there are now over 60 teams in the Bozeman area, 70+ throughout Montana. 

No CEU's offered for this video per CCPDT.