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Intro to Treibball

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Welcome to Intro to Treibball. The fun thing about this sport is its accessibility to everyone, young and , not so young, canine and human. These simple techniques and backyard games will give you hours of enjoyment with your canine pal. You will achieve distance and stimulus control skills you had only dreamed of. Play at home or work to competition level, the choice is yours.

Presentation by: Karen Mielke, KPA CTP, CATT

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Presenter Bios:

Karen is co owner and trainer at DogLogic training near Statesville in NC. Always fascinated by the scientific principles governing learning and behavior, Karen found her training niche in the positive reinforcement, marker based training community. She graduated with honors from the Karen Pryor Academy the first year this prestigious certification was offered. Treibball she says is a perfect match of training skills and fun that anyone can enjoy whilst enhancing their relationship with their dog. Karen is a Certified American Treibball Trainer and Judge. Both of her personal dogs have achieved their ATA Champion Treibball titles.

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