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Intermediate Treibball

Video Description:

Treibball is the cool canine sport of urban herding for energetic dogs. A combination of herding, agility and soccer-like skills are combined to make this a fun game for any breed. Treibball is for all sizes, types and breeds of dogs who like to play and need a fun job. Senior dogs who are retired from more rigorous sports and shy dogs who need confidence building will benefit from learning Treibball skills. 

In this video you will learn how to train your dog to push large inflatable exercise balls into a goal from a distance. Intermediate skills include increasing distance, keep going signals, adding more balls, maintaining impulse control, teaching directional cues and orientation to the handler on the move. 

Presentation by: Sandi Pensinger

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Presenter Bio:

Sandi Pensinger gained early experience working in her father's veterinary cardiology practice and Veterinary Post Graduate Institute. Personally by training, trialing, showing and breeding - Retrievers, Shepherds, Terriers, Hounds and Mixed Breeds - throughout her life she has gained a deep appreciation for the diversity of canines and the human-canine relationship.

Sandi continues to refine her study behavioral science, operant and classical conditioning. Graduating from the Canine Behavior Academy under Trish King at the Marin Humane Society, and from Bob Bailey's Operant Conditioning Seminars on Discrimination, Cueing & Criteria at Legacy Canine in Washington, Sandi has also studied Relationship Centered Training with Suzanne Clothier, participated in the annual Association for Pet Dog Trainers Conferences and Power Paws Agility Camps. She studied canine structure under Christine Zink and conformation handling under Tom Lambs. She has completed many workshops on various canine topics including competitive agility, flyball, aggression, clicker training, puppy training and TTouch. Sandi has trained under the head coach for the US Agility Team, Nancy Geyes and her husband, Jim Basic and has trained with the author of the Foundations Training for Agility DVD, Moe Strenfel. She has a Bachelor of Science with Honors as a Dean's Scholar at the School of Business at SJSU.

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