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Improve Your I-CUE Learn the Science of Signals

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Cueing for reliable dog training is the focus of this seminar for class instructors, dog trainers, and dog owners, all of whom want compliance. They want their dogs to respond to "commands" accurately and quickly . People often attribute a dog's failure to respond instantly to dominance, stupidity or stubbornness. It is more likely that these mistakes result from the dog's confusion (or insufficient motivation); the dog doesn't know what the trainer wants because the cues are unfamiliar, inconsistent or unclear. In this training seminar, you will learn to improve the process by which you choose, add, change and maintain cues in animals you train. By training skillfully, you will be able to minimize the amount of static in the signals you send your dog, providing a clearer channel of communication.

An understanding of behavioral cues will also pave the way for the creation of conceptual cues that go beyond eliciting simple movements. Your dog can understand more than you might think, and this seminar will help you teach these advanced skills! This hands-on dog training workshop by Kathy Sdao in Seattle combines lecture, video examples and several exercises with owners & dogs. . Kathy walks you through the steps to build strong meaningful cues in this continuing education seminar.

Presentation by: Kathy Sdao

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Presenter Bios:

As an associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB), Kathy Sdao is uniquely qualified to work with dog training and behavior problems. Unlike "dog trainer," "dog psychologist," or "behaviorist," titles that anyone can give themselves, a CAAB is a certified professional with graduate degree in animal behavior field. For the past 26 years, Kathy has earned her living as a full-time animal trainer, first with marine mammals and now with dogs and their people. As a graduate student at the University of Hawaii in the 1980's, Kathy Sdao was part of a team that trained dolphins to solve complex cognitive puzzles. These dolphin “mind games” were part of intensive research into how animals think and process language. After receiving a master's degree in experimental psychology, she was hired by the U.S. Navy to train dolphins for defense-related open-ocean tasks.

Next, Kathy worked as a marine mammal trainer at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington. There she expanded her training skills by working with beluga whales, walruses, porpoises, sea lions, polar bears and otters. Years later, Kathy and another zookeeper left their jobs to create Tacoma's first dog daycare facility, Puget Hound Daycare. This is where Kathy began teaching group classes for pet owners. Since leaving Puget Hound in 1999, Kathy has been lecturing nationally on operant conditioning, sharing her passion for the science of training and the awesome power of clicker training which she has experienced with so many species. She has been honored to be on the faculty of Karen Pryor’s ClickerExpos since 2003. She also has trained animal actors, written for The Clicker Journal and the APDT Newsletter, served as a subject-matter expert for the Delta Society's Service Dog Education System, conducted rat-training camp for Terry Ryan's DogSense, instructed at Dogs of Course’s Instructor Training Course and appeared as the "Way Cool Scientist" on an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy!

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This video qualifies for 3 trainer CEUs and 8 behavior consultant CEUs