Tawzer Dog | How Police K9 Techniques Can Transform Your Everyday Training

How Police K9 Techniques Can Transform Your Everyday Training

Video Description:

This information-packed day with Steve White turns Police K9 training on its head to help you, the dog owner or trainer. You'll learn new ways to read canine behavior and how to control stimuli--the triggers that effect behavior. (Are you working with a dog that always barks, or lunges at every child, old person with a walker or other dogs?)

After reviewing what K9 trainers look for in police dogs when they stimulate aggression, you will learn seven steps to reading any dog. By practicing with video clips and live dogs you'll see the value of "thin-slicing" the information dogs and their people give you.

It's a simple, effective, seven-step model (incorporating positive reinforcement) for helping dogs, owners and trainers to resolve behavior problems, while avoiding the two most common mistakes trainers make when problem solving. (Among which are asking more than the dog can deliver and not gathering sufficiently detailed information before proceeding.) 

Technically, you'll be learning all about "triggers" and "thresholds" of behavior--and how understanding them can make you anticipate situations that you used to dread!

Presentation by: Steve White

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Presenter Bios:

Most of Steve White’s 30+ year law enforcement career has been in K-9. He has served as a handler, trainer, and supervisor for one the largest police K-9 units in Washington State. Accredited as a Master Trainer in 1993 by the Washington State Police Canine Association, Steve is also a past Executive Board Member of that body. He served as Vice President of the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers, (now called the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers) and has been an instructor for the K9 Academy for Law Enforcement. Steve has instructed at seminars in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Belgium and the United Kingdom.  He is currently a primary instructor at Karen Pryor's Clicker Expo. He has taught obedience classes at parks, community centers, and kennels. His articles have appeared in police K-9 and dog training publications in the U.S. and Canada. He specializes in teaching behavior modification, tracking, and scent work through the use of positive reinforcement based operant conditioning. He provides consultation and training to K-9 units on administrative and legal issues, and has been recognized as an expert witness by Washington and Federal courts in Police K-9 and dog behavior matters.

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