Tawzer Dog | From Feral to Friendly: Approaches to the Socialization of Feral Cats

From Feral to Friendly: Approaches to the Socialization of Feral Cats

Video Description:

Feral, wild, and stray are terms used to describe a cat that is not outwardly accepting and/or inviting, and typically is afraid of human interaction or touch. However, feral no longer means a cat must either be killed at a shelter or a left to fend for itself. Feral cats can be socialized so they can be placed in homes and even anticipate human interactions. I describe a pathway that has been used to bring these cats into an environment—embracing the LIMA approach. The basic outline includes instilling security, building confidence, increasing interactions, and continual re-evaluation. This plan can be tailored for specific goals and cat temperaments.

Presentation by: Megan McMahon

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Presenter Bio:

Megan McMahon began her interest in cat behavior began when volunteering at a local shelter and realizing the many myths and misunderstandings that resulted in pet surrenders and poor adoptions. So she began to read about behaviors and test theories on her own tolerant cats. In 2003, Megan started The Animal Resource Center, a nonprofit, foster-based rescue and adoption organization. Besides adoption, their emphasis is on educating new owners and current pet owners with the goal of keeping more cats and dogs in their homes. In addition to the rescue, Megan is an environmental analyst with the State of Michigan. She inspects large animal feeding operations to evaluate conformance with environmental standards. She also has a small hobby farm with two rescued racehorses, two rescued pot-bellied pigs (the large Vietnamese kind), and many chickens, plus her own three rescued dogs and seven cats.

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