Tawzer Dog | Freestyle Training and Choreography

Freestyle Training and Choreography

Video Description:

Learn some cool fun tricks for your dog and find out their benefits to your dogs’ muscles and to motivating your dog for other dog sports. You will find out general information about freestyle, World Canine Freestyle Organization rules and guidelines. In the introduction, Nancy takes you through simple routines to use at therapy visits or for demonstrations with your dog.
The seminar explores ideas on how to develop a routine from start to finish in step-by-step exercises that can help you get started. There is discussion on the use of costumes, dog collars, and props to enhance the theme of your routine.
Handlers in the workshop portion of the seminar move to music and learn basic foot and arm movements to create handler interest. The dogs are then added to the dance for more fun.  Nancy teaches you how to work toward precise behaviors including ideas for fun practice, even in small spaces. Precision is stressed, especially if you plan to compete at higher levels.  
There is discussion how to prepare for a competition: on what to do leading up to the competition for you and your dog, including structuring practices so your dog is ready to complete without food; what to do day one; what to do day two.
Ideas are introduced to help you structure practicing with your dog so both you and your dog are ready to compete.  Also, learn how to take basic moves and turn them from ordinary to extraordinary and advance to more advanced moves.
There is discussion on HTM rules as well and how heelwork to music can be flashy and fun! Proficiency test basics are explained (What are they? Who can/should take them? How to use what you learned from test).

Presentation by: Nancy vonKoehnen

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Presenter Bio:

Nancy vonKoehnen has competed in AKC obedience since she was a youngster earning a CD on her Shetland Sheepdog. More recently, she and Golden Retriever, Takota, have earned their AKC Rally Excellent Title and are now working toward their RAE combined title! Takota and Nancy have found some extra fun and challenges in CWags Obedience and Rally in which they are currently competing as well.

Nancy and Takota are the World Canine Freestyle Organization's 2008 National Champions earning the title with their Heelwork To Music routine. Heelwork to Music is similar to traditional obedience/rally but performed to music. This team has also earned the highest titles available in BOTH Heelwork to Music and in Musical Freestyle: Perfect Dance Partners!

No CEU's offered for this video per CCPDT.