Tawzer Dog | Freestyle and Beyond

Freestyle and Beyond

Video Description:

This two-day seminar offers new and fun tools to help strengthen your relationship with your dog, develop your dog's focus and create a stronger, better-connected team. This seminar will focus on canine freestyle and is designed to help teams build their bond and excel in a variety of dog sports whether you choose obedience, agility, freestyle or other events.

Presentation by: Nancy Tanner

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Presenter Bio:

Nancy Tanner, CPDT-KA, is an internationally known trainer and the owner of Paws & People, LLC  in Bozeman Montana.  She takes an integrative approach to training, working with the whole dog.  She designs programs to work with the social, emotional, physical and nutritional well being of each dog, whether people are training for competition or just wanting a balanced family pet. 

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This video qualifies for 14 trainer CEUs