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Video Description:

Barbara covers all types of tools and discusses some pros and cons about each.  Some tools included are the clicker, different training collars, leashes and much more to give a clearer understanding of equipment and its use.  She uses power point and video to further elaborate on her ideas of appropriate use by trainers and by the novice.  Who and who should not be using some of the equipment.

Presentation by: Barbara DeGroodt

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Presenter Bio:

Barbara DeGroodt is the owner of From the Heart Animal Behavior Counseling and Dog Training in Monterrey County. The motto of From the Heart is "training with knowledge and respect" and Barbara believes this applies to both owners and pets).

Barbara has been an animal behavior counselor for over 30 years, learning many years ago it was easier to have an animal do something because it wanted to not because it was afraid not to. Her training practice has made a big difference in how owners interact with their pets. She has been teaching people about respect for their animals and alternate methods of training for the last 20 years. All programs at From the Heart are behavior based. Training without the pain. Barbara was one of the original founders of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, APDT (under the guidance of Dr. Ian Dunbar), an international organization that educates trainers in all stages of their growth. She has lectured around the world to veterinary groups, law enforcement agencies, trainers and pet owners. She is a regular speaker at Western Career College each semester, addressing the Animal Health department.

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