Tawzer Dog | Feeding the Working Canine: New Paradigms in Feeding and Performance

Feeding the Working Canine: New Paradigms in Feeding and Performance

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Dogs serve many purposes as athletes and the requirements for athletic dogs in general are somewhat unknown.  The current concepts that are used apply to sled dogs and Greyhounds as this is where much of our information comes from.  Yet, hunting dogs, agility dogs, detection dogs and other new age sporting events are very different and there may be nuances to diets and supplements that require attention to be at the top.

Presentation by: Dr. Joe Wakshlag

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Presenter Bios:

Dr. Wakshlag is an associate professor of Clinical Nutrition, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at Cornell University Department of Clinical Sciences. He graduated from Cornell Veterinary College in 1998 and continued on to study pathology and nutrition and obtained his PhD in Pharmacology in 2005 and received his diplomate status in nutrition in 2008. In 2010 he became a charter diplomate in the college of veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation. He is currently running both the nutrition and rehabilitation services at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. His current research interests are in the areas of nutrition, oncology and metabolism.  He is the author of close to 100 publications and book chapters and has published extensively in the sporting dog arena with a particularly interest in sled dogs nutrition and metabolism. He is currently the President of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition and serves on the board for the Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation College as Secretary.  Besides his work, Dr. Wakshlag enjoys spending time with his family, Stabyhoun Gracie and last remaining sled dog MJ, from his former life as a musher.

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