Tawzer Dog | Emotions, the Engine of Behavior Change

Emotions, the Engine of Behavior Change

Video Description:

Working with clients who's dogs have behavior issues presents us with special challenges, but Angelica suggests using an eclectic approach by drawing on a variety of academic areas.  Angelica is presenting a new approach to behavior modification which empathizes the emotional states rather than behaviors. This includes the emotional state of the owner which Angelica views to be equally important to the dogs in order to have the best chance at a favorable outcome of the behavior modification process. new concepts of behavior myopia and emotional contagion are identified and discussed.  Angelica is a sought after presenter, fun, knowledgeable and adamant that it be Force-Free. Jean Donaldson once said “Angelica is one of my all-time favorite trainers.  Crafty, patient, humane and, most of all, devoted to making training fun for both the humans and the dogs.” ~Jean Donaldson, World-Renowned Dog Trainer.

Presentation by: Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., PCBC, CAP2, AABP-DBCT, CDBC 

Cover photo by: Robert LaFollette

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Presenter Bios:

Angelica Steinker is certified by PPAB and is co-founder of DogNostics Career College

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This video qualifies for 1.5 trainer CEUs