Tawzer Dog | Dominance Versus Conflict Aggression

Dominance Versus Conflict Aggression

Video Description:

In this talk, Dr. Dodman will address the current controversy regarding the terms dominance and conflict used to describe owner-directed aggression.  Clinical signs of both types of aggression will be described and differences between the two will be highlighted.  Treatment of owner-directed aggression and the likely outcome of treatment measures will be addressed.   Dominance struggles occurring between dogs in the same household, a condition known as sibling rivalry or alliance aggression will also be discussed, including itemization of a treatment regimen that has proven most successful. This video is ideal for Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Behaviorists, Animal Trainers, Owners and Hobbyists.


A PetDocs Presentation 

Presentation by: Dr. Nicholas Dodman, BVMS

Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

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Presenter Bio:

Dr. Dodman, founder and Director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Tufts University, appears regularly on radio and television including: 20/20, Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Dateline, World News with Peter Jennings, Discovery Channel, NOVA and Animal Planet. In addition, Dr. Dodman is a columnist for the American Kennel Club’s quarterly publication, AKC Family Dog.  Dr. Dodman has also authored 9 books including “The Dog Who Loved Too Much”, “Dogs Behaving Badly” and “The Cat Who Cried for Help”.

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This video qualifies for 1 trainer CEUs and 0.5 behavior consultant CEUs