Tawzer Dog | Conquering Boxes & Bonus Lines

Conquering Boxes & Bonus Lines

Video Description:

This NADAC Clinicians Seminar 2011 will include discussions and training necessary for both dogs and handlers for the successful handling of NADAC bonus lines and boxes.  Dogs must have independent obstacle performance skills.  Amanda will cover dog and handler skills necessary for distances of 40 feet and more.  Full courses with bonus lines and boxes will be set and run daily with handlers receiving feedback and suggestions for improving their distance performance. The main goal of this seminar is to increase confidence and distance work for both the dogs and the handlers!

Presentation by: Amanda Nelson

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Presenter Bio:

Amanda Nelson has been competing in agility for over 18 years, Amanda and her Border Collie Chance earned 21 NADAC matches, as well as being the Top Dog of the Year for 3 consecutive years. Chance was a pioneer in distance work. After her passing the NADAC class "Chances" was named in her honor. Amanda and her current dog "Try"  won the NADAC Championships in 2008. They also earned the Highest Number of Bonus Points in the Super Stakes class at the NADAC Championships in 2010. 

No CEU's offered for this video per CCPDT.