Tawzer Dog | Confrontational Behavior: Modification & Training Techniques

Confrontational Behavior: Modification & Training Techniques

Video Description:

Dr. Ha discusses the danger to owners and impacts of stress on dogs when dealing with confrontational behavior.  He covers training methods: the traditional (punishment-based; the pack theory and Positive Reinforcement.   He addresses the consequences of confrontation: Aggression (what kind of aggression) fear, anxiety, redirected, pain.   He talks about dog aggressive behavior and the causes in order of frequency.  Also, what are the contributing factors: long term that can result in aggression?   Seminar discusses the consequences of inappropriate use of punishment in training.

Presentation by: Dr. James Ha

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Presenter Bio:

Jim Ha, PhD, CAAB is currently a Research Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington. He is one of 55 PhD level Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists in the country. Jim has demonstrated consistent success in applying the knowledge he’s gained from his academic career to domestic animals living in an ever more urbanized world. He has extensive experience working as an Expert Legal Witness in cases involving animals. Jim sees dog, cat, and parrot behavior cases in the greater Seattle area. www.companionanimalsolutions.com

This video qualifies for 1 trainer CEUs