Tawzer Dog | Chill Out! Dealing with Overly Aroused Dogs

Chill Out! Dealing with Overly Aroused Dogs

Video Description:

What is the difference in behavior modification and obedience training for dogs? Do they go hand in hand? What comes first? Many dogs may do extremely well in obedience class, yet still have behavior problems at home. Dogs that are stressed, anxious or conflicted will have trouble learning a new behavior to replace an old one. The dog may become overly aroused, frustrated and exhibit total lack of impulse control, with little or no ability to make good decisions or self-regulate himself. The decision could end up being a dog bite!

PUPPIES: Recently, we are seeing more and more puppies coming into class completely out of control. Are these pups simply not getting enough exercise or is there something else going on? Being able to identify red flags as early as possible is critical to the well-being of the dog. Pia conducts and comments on a live puppy play session at the seminar. When is the pup simply being “a brat” and when is it a serious problem that needs to be dealt with quickly before a serious bite occurs? Pia will go over exercises that she conducts in her puppy classes as well as exercises for pups in the shelter environment.
ADULTS: The afternoon session of this seminar will deal with adult dogs that lack self control. “He won’t stop biting me!” “I’ve tried time out but it doesn’t work!” “He is beginning to growl at me and we are becoming afraid.” “My children no longer like the dog since they cannot walk into the room without being attacked.” What do you do?

Video cases are shown and discussed, along with live demos. How do you know what type of program to put these dogs on and what are the risks, if any?  

Presentation by: Pia Silvani, CPDT-KA

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Presenter Bio:

Pia Silvani's love of teaching began over 30 years ago as a private trainer, dance instructor, and track, field and swimming coach for the Special Olympics. Her academic background was gained through the training of the world-renowned President, CEO and Founder of the famous Cooper Aerobics Center, Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H.  Dr. Cooper, recognized as the leader of the international physical fitness movement and credited with motivating more people in the field, helped Pia learn more about motivational teaching and getting by, through good coaching skills, specifically for people who may not be self-motivated in their pursuit to obtain a goal.  As a result, she achieved the highest level of training by becoming a Regional Clinician for the first international aerobics corporation where she trained hundreds of new instructors in the field.  She has combined her love of coaching and teaching people with her other fondness - - dogs.

Pia is Director of Training and Behavior at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center located in Madison, New Jersey, where she developed various courses focusing on positive, reward-based techniques, helping to enhance the bond and relationship of dog and their human companions.  The result of her efforts is an astounding 100+ classes per week.  She has written six training manuals, which are being used around the country as a resource guide for other trainers.

Pia was instrumental in developing a behavior department for the shelter which offers pre-adoption and post-adoption education to all adopters.  She also developed a canine coach program where volunteers and apprentice trainers work with shelter dogs on a daily basis to help the dogs become more adoptable.  Through word of mouth and a good reputation, St. Hubert’s now has a very successful private consultation department for pet owners specializing in aggressive and anxiety-related problems for dogs.

Pia travels with the Petfinder Adoption Option team several times a year, helping to educate rescue groups and shelters around the country, is an active writer for various newsletters and magazines and has been nominated several times for her work by The Dog Writers Association of America.  She routinely gives guest appearances on television and radio and lectures internationally at various conferences and forums.

Her book "Raising Puppies and Kids Together - A Guide for Parents" was voted in the top three parenting books for a Franklin D. Roosevelt Foundation and winner of Zootoo.com 2008 Pet Lover’s Choice Awards – Category:  Top Behavior and Training Book.

Pia shares her home with husband, Marty, as well as their 6-year-old Belgian Tervuren, Guinevere (“Guinn”), her 2 year old niece, Gwendololena (“Lena”) and her eighteen week step-brother, Galahad (“Gilly”).  Pia competes in Obedience, Rally-O, Agility, and may enter the sport of conformation in the near future.  She continues to enjoy dancing but now with her dogs! 

This video qualifies for 5 trainer CEUs