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Canine Freestyle

Video Description:

This two day seminar was presented in California Oct, 2006. It was an interactive seminar with participants and dogs.

They had the opportunity to work together to music during the session. Carolyn motivates the handler to show the very best freestyle moves. At times, Carolyn works with each participant individually as well as in groups. Canine Freestyle is a dog sport in which training, teamwork, music and movement combine to create an artistic, choreographed performance highlighting the canine partner in a manner that celebrates the unique qualities of each individual dog. It is built upon the foundation of a positive working relationship between dog and handler team. 

Freestyle is fun for all dogs of different ages and breeds. It is also a wonderful form of entertainment for friends, family, schools, churches, hospitals and nursing homes...... You will learn how to match music to your dog and to choreograph a routine. This is a seminar video that you can follow along at home with your own dog. What great fun for you and your dog! We were impressed over how this sport brings out the wonderful relationship and love between owner and dog. 

Presentation by: Carolyn Scott

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Presenter Bios:

Carolyn Scott has been competing in the sport of Canine Freestyle since 1996 & competed in the very first canine freestyle competition.  Carolyn was a member of the Pupperoni Demonstration Team and has given many demonstrations around the world. Carolyn has won too many awards to list. Carolyn is a sought after presenter of Canine Freestyle seminars across the United States and around the world. www.caninefreestylemagicmatch....

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