Tawzer Dog | Bite-O-Meter Seminar

Bite-O-Meter Seminar

Video Description:

A Bite-O-Meter or How to Tell a Dog is Going to Bite You Before He Bites You. This workshop details all the subtle behaviors of aggression, helping people better read dogs and avoid a bite. Long before a dog growls, snarls or bites, he shows many, many behaviors warning of the aggression. 

Presentation by: Sue Sternberg

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Presenter Bio:

Sue Sternberg is the founder and director of Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption, a local not-for-profit open admission animal shelter in upstate New York. Sue is an expert in dog aggression and an innovator in the field of shelter dog welfare, and she develops programs to prevent pet relinquishment and overpopulation, to match families with safe pets, and to help shelters attend to the mental health of the animals in their care. With more than 23 years of experience, she shares her knowledge of dog behavior on radio and television shows, as a popular speaker at national humane and dog training conferences, and through books and videos.

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