Tawzer Dog | Bigger Brains, Bigger Problems: Positive Behavior Approaches

Bigger Brains, Bigger Problems: Positive Behavior Approaches

Video Description:

This session will explore the ways in which human reason, emotion and empathy can interfere with training. We will examine common challenges to training presented by the human members of the household and explore positive behavior approaches to influencing human behavior to optimize effective interactions. Application of positive reinforcement for the humans is only one of many tools at our disposal. Reason, emotion, empathy, story and humor all have a role to play in improving the odds that the home based team can meet success in training. 

Presentation by: Kim Dean

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Presenter Bios:

Kim Dean completed her doctorate in school psychology at the University of South Florida in Tampa with a concentration in behavior analysis. After 10 years of private practice as a child and family therapist and school consultant, she moved to Glenside and is currently an Assistant Professor of Special Education at Arcadia University where she teaches courses in positive behavior approaches, collaboration and consultation. She also specializes in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Her research and clinical work currently lie in teacher education and implementation of Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) in schools. She loves teaching courses about behavior due to the fragile nature of behavioral knowledge. Despite deep understanding of the principles of behavior, teaching allows her to re-discover the loop of errors she makes in her interactions with her 3 boys and one Bernese Mountain Dog.  

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This video qualifies for 0 trainer CEUs and 1 behavior consultant CEU