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Become a Food Training PhD

Video Description:

This is a “must have” video for everyone who trains with food!  Taped at a conference, this presentation shows you ways that a dog’s food drive can be diminished and simple yet powerful techniques for recovering it.  Instantly become a more effective trainer as a result of Chris showing you the proper way to present food and revealing the source of most food-dependency problems.   Her solution to this difficult yet common situation is not only ingenious but is simple to learn and easy to apply!  Also demonstrated are her world renowned foundation games.  Using food THE THIRD WAY will insure that each dog you train has a great foundation and does not depend upon food to perform with enthusiasm, accuracy and reliability.  Watch this tape and become a Master at the art of food training!

Presentation by: Chris Bach

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Presenter Bio:

Chris Bach began to study dogs as soon as she was old enough to hold a leash and the result of her life-long passion for dogs is her unique, innovative, reliable and, most importantly, distinctly dog-friendly approach to training called THE THIRD WAY.

As an adult, Chris used her evolving theories and techniques to become a top obedience trial competitor with a loyal following of students who also competed successfully in obedience and other dog sports. She then branched out into non-competitive venues by counseling pet owners and becoming actively involved with the service dog industry. Her love for working with puppies resulted in her developing a Puppy Kindergarten class curriculum that is cutting edge in the industry today.  Chris is a charter board member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and a popular speaker about dog behavior and training in both the U.S. and Canada.

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