Tawzer Dog | An Introduction to the Multidimensional Canine

An Introduction to the Multidimensional Canine

Video Description:

This lecture series introduces the multiple roles that canines assume in everyday life. The presenters discuss the versatility of canines and how they serve as family members, companions, sport teammates, therapists, biological detectors, first responders, and frontline security. The presenters introduce how some canines are able to serve multiple roles (e.g., biological detector and therapist) while others are best served by enjoying a singular purpose (e.g., companion). Finally, they discuss the need for proper record keeping.

Topics will include:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Caring for the Multidimensional Canine
  • Keeping Track of the Multidimensional Canine

Presentation by: Mark Marsolais, Ph.D. and David Brownell

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Presenter Bio:

Mark Marsolais, Ph.D., is a canine services specialist with comprehensive business experience as a director and manager of detection dog programs at the international and national levels. For fours years, he provided strategic leadership and technical guidance to new and existing programs for a Washington, D.C. security firm. He successfully initiated, advised, and assisted with the planning of all facets of canine detection activities (e.g., mobilization, training, operations, and QA/QC) while working with corporate and program management, clients, and senior training cadre. He was responsible for determining the future opportunities and direction of corporate canine services. In addition to his corporate experience, Mr. Marsolais has an extensive academic background as a professor of criminal justice and forensics. He served over twenty years with the Houston Police Department including four plus years where he supervised the department’s canine detail. At HPD, he participated as a handler and supervisor in innumerable searches for criminals, victims, human remains, and evidence. He is a Vietnam-era Veteran of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division. Mr. Marsolais holds a Doctorate in Criminal Justice, and Master of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology.

David Brownell is a Senior Canine Trainer and Program Manager with Corvus Canine, and is headquartered in the Dallas metroplex. Mr. Brownell brings over 30 years of local, national, and international canine experience to the team. For more than six years, he served as the Canine Program Manager and Senior Canine Trainer for an international services company in Iraq and the Middle East region. In this capacity, Mr. Brownell was responsible for setting up and managing canine detector programs throughout the region for clients to include the Iraqi government, the U. S. government, the United Nations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and commercial oil, natural gas, and petrochemical concerns. He managed the training of hundreds of detector dog teams (e.g. explosives, narcotics, patrol, human remains) during this period. His background also includes stints as a military canine handler, a Schutzhund handler, a U.S. FEMA disaster dog handler, and a SAR and HRD handler and trainer with a Dallas, Texas Search and Rescue organization. Mr. Brown has instructed and evaluated hundreds of SAR, disaster, and HRD dog teams at all levels, and taught numerous personnel at a myriad of canine seminars. Additionally, he has assisted in the development of detector dog programs for citizen and police organizations. Mr. Brownell is well respected in the national and international canine detector community and regularly consults with his extensive array of contacts.

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This video qualifies for 1.75 trainer CEUs and 1.75 behavior consultant CEUs