Tawzer Dog | Aggression From Brain to Bite

Aggression From Brain to Bite

Video Description:

A practical look at understanding, managing, modifying and preventing aggressive behaviour in dogs. This weekend seminar explores aggressive behaviour towards people and other dogs focusing on re-considering labelling aggression, considering behaviour at an emotional level, useful tools in behaviour counselling and practical ideas for managing and modifying the aggressive behaviour.

Chirag will also discuss puppies and puppy training looking at spotting early signs and educating to minimise possible aggression problems in later life.

Presentation by: Chirag Patel BSc (Hons), PGCert (CAB), DipCABT

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Presenter Bio:

Chirag Patel, PGCert (CAB), BSc (Hons), DipCABT is an Animal Behaviour & Training Consultant in the UK. He does behavior consultations (seeing mainly aggressive behavior in dogs that is directed towards other dogs and people), runs classes, and trains dog trainers. He's even prepared a dog/chicken show (yes, the chickens were trained with positive reinforcement, too!) for Britain's Got Talent.

His interest in the field of dog behavior developed in 2001 after acquiring a gorgeous biting German Shepherd dog. Chirag's passion for training and behavior led him to San Francisco where he completed an internship in Dog Aggression under Jean Donaldson and was also mentored by Dr Ian Dunbar. Chirag holds a BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Sciences from the Royal Veterinary College and a Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Animal Behaviour from the University of Lincoln.

Chirag enjoys teaching with a range of animals everything from dogs to degus. That includes humans as well: Chirag is interested in incorporating TAGteach (teaching with acoustical guidance) when teaching people and is primary certified.</p>

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This video qualifies for 5.75 trainer CEUs and 4 behavior consultant CEUs