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Masters in Behavior Conference, 2011
Canine Body Language
Step Up Your Training for Dog Sports
Advanced Clicker Skills: Shaping and Targeting
Hyperactivity Reactivity & Lack of Attention
Brave New World
Reactivity: A Program for Rehabilitation
Positive Possibilities
Solving Fear & Aggression: Help Your Dog Achieve Its Potential
Bite-O-Meter Seminar
Does the Name Pavlov Ring a Bell
Wolfdogs. Fact Myths and What Trainers Need to Know
Lost in Translation?
Fabulous Focus: Focus & Attention for Both Ends of the Leash
How a Dog Tells You He Will Bite
Lassie Come!
Rally Freestyle Elements: An Introduction to Rally-FrEe
Off Leash Reliability Through Relationship Building Games
Dog-Dog Aggression
Treating Dog-Dog Reactivity
Pattern Games: Clicking for Confidence and Connection
Verbal and Non-Verbal Techniques for Creating an "Interactive Reward Event"
The Art of Trick Dogging
HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response: Dogs at Work
Motor Patterns and Their Influence on Breed Specific Behavior Problems
Shaping The Future
Separation Anxiety & Treatment Protocols
Teaching Your Dog to Skateboard
Train At The Next Level
Improve Your I-CUE Learn the Science of Signals
Scent Work in Dogs
Building Business for Success
Harnessing the Hunter: Building your relationship & reliability with a hunting dog
Positive Proofing for Reliability and Enthusiasm
Teaching Tricks
Get SMART for Dog Sports
Looking at Temperament in Shelter Dogs
To Be Mod or Not to be Mod - That is the Question
Both Ends of the Leash 2nd Edition
Aggression In Depth
Joring (dog-powered) Sports
Obedience FUNdamentals
For the Love of a Dog
Dogs Have Owners But Cats Have Staff
Know Way, Know How
Reactive Rover - Barking and Lunging On Leash
The Magic of Shaping
Behavior Evaluation of Pit Bulls
Dissecting the Dynamics of Dog-Dog Play
Open Paw Shelter Program
Adapting Assess-A-Pet
What Makes an Adoptable Dog
Give Your Puppy a Choice
101 Ways To Think Outside The Box
The Art & Science of Canine Behavior
Kathy Unplugged! So Many Choices
BATting 1000: Behavior Adjustment Training for Reactivity
Bully For You: What to expect from bullies and what they need
The Gift of a Gray Muzzle: Active Care For Senior Dogs
T.A.P Dancing for Success
Dog Play
Reactive Rover
Reinforcement Strategies
“On Target” and “Teaching Focused Scenting Methods”: Auto-Shaping and the Detection Dog
Cujo Meets Pavlov
Science Based Training
Medications for Behavior Problems in Cats and Dogs
Toolbox For Problem Dogs and About Aversives
Hurtta Polar Vest
Dog Friendly Dog Training Done Right
Do As I Do: A New Training Method Based on Social Learning
Frisbee Dog 102
Caring for, Understanding, and Working with the Multidemsional Canine
Positive Training For Show Dogs
Teaching Your Dog to Read
Analyzing & Modifying Canine Aggressive Behavior
Puppy Package (1 disc at a time)
Constructional Aggression Treatment C.A.T. For Dogs
Dominance Theory: Are We Throwing Out The Baby With The Bathwater
Making an Adoptable Dog
Saving Shelter Cats: Evaluation Enrichment and Behavior Rehabilitation
Dogsteps A New Look
To The Rescue
Hurtta Winter Jacket
Dog Behavior Medicine & Training
Frightened Fidos in The Shelter Environment All Stressed Out?
Systematic Evaluation of a Detection Dog Candidate
Teaching an Intermediate Class Using Games
Aggression in Cats
Working With Bull Breeds
Confrontational Behavior: Modification & Training Techniques
Ready, Set, HIKE!
Do-it-Yourself PR Strategies for the Small Business Owner
How to Effectively Correct and Punish
Let the Games Begin!
Rehabilitation in Aggression Cases
Breeder\'s Guide To Raising Superstar Dogs
Thyroid Disease and Animal Behavior Problems
Hurtta Waterproof Fleece Jacket
Gift Voucher
Freestyle and Beyond
Dog-Dog Engagements Between Unfamiliar Dogs - Why it's So Risky
Petite Pals
Taking And Evaluating a Profile
Advanced Clicker Training
Coaching The Canine Athlete
Recognizing Health Problems in Dog & Effects of Behavior
Three Day Instructor's Course
Behavior Modification & Case Study Protocols
Opti-Neem Citrus Shampoo - 20oz.
Different Faces of Aggression
Fighting Dogs: Family & Strangers
Therapeutic Agility Summit
Ouch! The Emotional and Social Costs of Living with Aggressive Pets
Success Through Socialization
Adolescent Dog Problems
What's in an Obedience Title
Chill Out! Dealing with Overly Aroused Dogs
Lending a Helping Paw: A Guide to Animal Assisted Therapy
Doggy Play Social Behavior Friendliness & Fighting
New Insights for the Working Dog Team
Good Dogs with Aggressive Behavior Problems
Kitten Socialization Classes
Raising the Bar in Dog Training
The Inscrutable Cat
Behavior and Ailments
Crème Rinse & Conditioner - 16 oz.
Desensitizing Fear & Building Confidence
Separation Anxiety: Both Sides Now
Feeling Outnumbered
CASE PRESENTATIONS on topics 6 - 9 of the Well Adjusted Dog seminar series
Obsessive-Compulsive Dog Trainers
Solving the Mystery: Taking a History
Abandonment Training
Using Clicker Training to Address Feline Behavior Issues
Cat Personality
What Not to Err: Training Mistakes that Create Headaches for Dogs
Thinking Like a Dog
Getting Compliance and Working with Difficult Clients
Kindergarten Puppy Training
Puppy Headstart
The Challenge of the Iditarod
Become a Food Training PhD
Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo - 16 oz.
Deadly Puppies. Deadly Dogs
Fear in Dogs: Defining, Understanding, Helping
Fear Aggression & Territorial Protocols
Preparing Dogs for Competition
Obedience Agility and Freestyle
Sibling Rivalry
101 Dog Tricks
Canine Sexual Behavior
Dog PRO Business Workshop
Genetic and Environmental Factor Affecting The Health of Today's Dog
Jump Training: Give Your Dogs Wings to Fly
Babies Children & Dogs Oh My!
Hurtta Padded Harness
Day 3- SIRIUS® Four Day Academy
Expanding the Possibilities: Use of Self with Families
Scent of the Missing
Training Causes & Treatments of Behavior Temperament & Training Problems
Canine Freestyle
Problem Solving
Dog Parks
Utilizing Operant Conditioning and  Shaping Techniques to Enhance Creativity, Confidence and problem Solving Skills
Fun and Games
Flirt Poles - Are They Monsters or Motivators
Practical Application of Theory
Terrible Teens - Canine Adolescence 6 months to 2 1/2 Years
Assessing And Evaluating Shelter Dogs
Pro Package (4 discs at a time)
Day 1- SIRIUS® Four Day Academy
Building the Therapy Dog & Canine Crisis Response Team From Puppy Thru Adult
Etiology Real Danger & Treatment of Dog Bites
Aggression From Brain to Bite
Intermediate Treibball
Medical Causes & Treatment and Training Problems
Positive Puppy
Tracking 2nd Edition
Canine Cognition
Tellington TTouch ® for Dogs
Dog Language
Leading Trainers and Their Canine  Partners to Self-Driven Excellence
From Feral to Friendly Approaches to the Socialization of Feral Cats
Canine Olfaction and Odor Detection
Possession Aggression
Trainer Package (2 discs at a time)
Creating Superstar Dogs
Driving The Drive Workshop
Tawzer t-shirt (black-unisex)
Master the Growlies
Fundamentals for Shelter and Rescue
Too Close For Comfort
Hurtta Rain Coat
Dog Bite Prevention For Law Enforcement
Frisbee Dog 101
An Introduction to the Multidemsional Canine
All About Aggression
Working with Fearful Dogs
Conquering Boxes & Bonus Lines
Dominance Aggression
Rally Freestyle Elements (Rally-FrEe): Intermediate and Advanced
How to Run Successful Group Classes
Reinforcement: Knowing and Using its Power
Dog Behavior Medicine & Training
Hurtta Outdoor Overall
Dog Behavior Assessment For Determining Stress in the Shelter
Kikopup's Guide to Clicker Training for Beginners and Professionals
Frightened Fidos
Multiple Dog Households
Playtime: The Good The Bad The Ugly
Teaching a Pet Dog Manners Class
Women and Dogs
Comparing Relinquishment and New Owner Information
Dog-To-Dog Interactions Basic/Intermediate
Talk to the Paw!
How Police K9 Techniques Can Transform Your Everyday Training
Leading the Pack: Logistics and Liability
Rehabilitating the Shelter Dog
Three Day Seminar- Austin TX
Behavioral Genetics
Kava Color Enhance Shampoo - 20oz.
Dissecting Dominance
PUPPIES! Are They Really 'Clean Slates'?
Performance Training for Reliability Accuracy and Relationships
Taking a History
Adoption and Follow-up
When Good Dogs Go Bad
Coaching People to Train Their Dogs
A Trainer's Guide to Teaching Reactive Rover Classes
The 20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know
Growing Your Animal Behavior Consulting Business
Awapuhi White Shampoo - 20oz.
Different Breeds Have Different Needs
Feisty Fidos
Step Up to Platform Training
Storm & Other Phobias
Chill Out Fido! How to Calm Your Dog
Plenty in Life is Free: An Alternative to Rank-based Training Models
Doggy Behavior and Training Course
Working Like a Dog
Kitten Adoptions
Puppy Kindergarten Class Highlights
The Expanding Role of Therapy Animals
Beginning Treibball
Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Shampoo - 16 oz.
Dealing with People
Freestyle Training and Choreography
Fearful to Friendly F2F Constructional Fear Treatment for Cats
Canine Freestyle Collides with Disc Dogging
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
Silent Language
Understanding Fear and Aggression
Canine Thyroid & Autoimmune Disorders
Dog Talk Understanding Canine Body Language and Communication
Physical Fitness and Training... on both ends of the leash
Get SMART About Training
Puppy Classes
The Body Language of Canine Play
Hurtta Padded Y-harness
Day 4- SIRIUS® Four Day Academy
Family Dog One
Multiple Dogs
Shelter Management
Training Your Dog at Home
Canine Play Including its Relationship to Aggression
Teaching Non-Compulsive Directional Control in the Disaster Environment
Games & Rhymes
Predicting and Handling Aggression
That Lovin' Feeling
Avoiding Liability When You Train Shelter or Adopt Out
Tawzer Elite Package (5 discs at a time)
Day 2- SIRIUS® Four Day Academy
Introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy
Excel-erated Agility
It's Just A Tool
Modifying Adolescent Behavior
Separation Relief & Rechanneling OCD's
Training Adult Dogs
Canine Fear Aggression and Play
Dog Meets Dog
From Leashes to Neurons and Psychopharmacology
CASE PRESENTATIONS AND DISCUSSIONS on topics 1 - 4 of the Well Adjusted Dog seminar series
Systematic Search Strategies for Canines
Poultry in Motion!
Temperament Evaluations
Assess-A-Pet Seminar
Champion Package (3 discs at a time)
Tellington TTouch ® Techniques: Walking in Balance With Your Dog
Effective Lure/Reward Training
Real Solutions to Canine Behavior Problems
In-Home Private Training

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