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The Magic of Shaping

Video Description:

Shaping is incredibly fun to teach; however, sometimes the mechanics of getting started may be daunting. While completing a behavior is very exciting, the real thrill is the process itself. From the first glimmer of understanding to the light bulb fully on, each step is a joy to behold.

With shaping, your timing and creativity will improve, you will become better at recognizing small approximations and learn how and when to raise criteria--or when not to raise criteria, when to try something different, end a particular session and when to keep going.

You and your dog will become a more close-knit team while pursuing these fun and functional behaviors. User friendly instructions are demonstrated with "real" dogs and their handlers, showing the process of working through each of these 21+ versatile behaviors:

  • Wipe your feet
  • Grind toenails
  • Go around objects
  • Weave Poles
  • Nose target hand
  • Heeling
  • Lose target object
  • Muzzle training
  • Close a door
  • Go Outs
  • Ride skateboard
  • Say your prayers
  • Go to crate
  • Teeter
  • Retrieve Chin
  • Cheek
  • Tire
  • Bow
  • Shaping the "real" world
  • ....and more!

Many of them are useful for a multitude of different behaviors. From agility to rally and competition obedience, to musical freestyle to animal husbandry, the behaviors in this video will keep you hopping!

This is a two part video that begins with beginning Shaping to Intermediate shaping. The second part covers advanced shaping techniques.

Presentation by: Pamela Dennison

Copyright © 2008, Tawzer Dog LLC

Presenter Bio:

Pam Dennison is a member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), DWAA (Dog Writers Association of America) and is a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant with the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants). She is the training writer for the Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue newsletter, “Have You Herd?” and a staff writer for The Chronicle of the Dog, the award winning newsletter of the APDT. Many of her books and articles have been nominated over the years for special awards by the DWAA. Pam started her own business, Positive Motivation Dog Training in 1996. Since then she has helped thousands of dogs and handlers build their relationships and solve problems, by teaching basic obedience through competition and working with a myriad of behavioral problems. Pam teaches puppy K, basic obedience through the Canine Good Citizen test, competition obedience, Rally-O and holds regular classes and seminars for aggressive dogs.

Pam is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training, Alpha Books, Bringing Light to Shadow; A Dog Trainer's Diary, Dogwise Publishing, and How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong; A Roadmap for Rehabilitating Aggressive Dogs, Alpine Publications, Click Your Way to Rally Obedience, Alpine Publications and Civilizing the City Dog, Alpine Publications. She also has two videos/DVD’s, Positive Solutions for Standard Behavior Problems, and Camp R.E.W.A.R.D for Aggressive Dogs, available from Barkleigh Productions. Pam has also written numerous articles for National and International magazines. She has given seminars on positive training, competition, Rally obedience and aggression to the general public, many Kennel Clubs, Off Lead Training Expo, IAABC in 2005 at their first annual conference, the American Boarding Kennel Association, as well as to Therapy Dog Groups and presents her camp for aggressive dogs, Camp R.E.W.A.R.D. at home and across the country.

She currently lives with three rescued dogs (Border Collies) and trains them all for competition. She and her Sheltie Cody qualified and competed in the Eastern United States Dog Obedience Championships held in Bethlehem, PA in 1996. Cody was also in a Milkbone print ad. Her Border collie, Beau was in a Mack Truck print ad, Border collie Emma was in an Olympic Paint TV commercial and Emma, Beau and Pam were in the movie, I am Legend. Pam competes successfully with all of her dogs in competition obedience and Rally (to date: six CD titles, three CDX, one UD, two ARCH’s, two ARCHEX’s, three R1MCL, one RL1, one R2MCL and one R2CL, three RL3, with almost every leg in both sports being a placement), one TD, and agility, (to date: one NJC, two NAJ and two NA, all first placements) plus three CGC certificates, one TDI and three TSW’s (Canine Water Sports) and she continues to train for competition obedience, sheep herding, tracking and carting.

Author of: The Complete Idiots Guide to Positive Dog Training, Bringing Light to Shadow; A Dog Trainer's Diary, How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong; A Roadmap For Rehabilitating Aggressive Dogs, Civilizing the City Dog, Click Your Way to Rally Obedience and the TWO new DVDs; The Magic of Shaping; Explore the Possibilities and Training the Whistle Recall! (WINNER of the Maxwell Award in 2010 from DWAA!!!!)

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This video qualifies for 4 trainer CEUs