Tawzer Dog

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The Reactive Dog

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The Reactive Dog: Training and management tools while out in public

Are there more reactive dogs out...

Multiple Dog Households

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This workshop concentrates on dog-dog interactions and behaviors as it pertains to owners with more than one dog. Spe...

Joring (dog-powered) Sports

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One of Sue’s first loves to be able to get out and enjoy the great relationship she has with her dogs and the partner...

Predicting and Handling Aggression

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Shelters, rescue, vet techs and other handlers spend the day with Sue as she walks you thru videos of surrendered dog...

Deadly Puppies Deadly Dogs

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Are puppies born clean slates? If you raise, train, and socialize them right, will they all turn out "good"? This wor...

Adapting Assess-A-Pet

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Adapting Assess-A-Pet for the Home is a first time presentation geared to help rescue groups and private trainers ada...