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Are international customers eligible for rewards?

Yes, Tawzer Reward Points are available to all!

Can I return or exchange my DVD or Book purchase?

All DVD & Book sales are final. We do not except returns or exchanges on media. Please visit our Customer Service page for more info.

Can I use the Tawzer Dog logo?

You may not use the Tawzer Dog logo without our written permission. If you are seeking permission, please email the relevant information about youself or company (including a link to where you would like to use the logo, if a url) to Debra Staten at dstaten@tawzerdog.com

Can you post my event on your site?

Yes! Email event details to support@tawzerdog.com and we will post in our Community section under events. If you have sent to us before the new site was built, please send again.

Do you have discounts for being a member of certain associations?

The following associations have set up discounts with us for their members (10% off DVDs & Books):

  • APDT
  • CAAB
  • ABKA
  • IACP

Because these are "members only" discounts we do not publicly post their coupon code. You can find details on their coupon code via your members area of your associations website. If you are unable to locate the discount code you may contact us (include the name of your association and your member # for that association in your correspondence to us).

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Tawzer Dog LLC is now accepting applications for DVD wholesaler & retailer accounts. Please visit our Wholesale Page for details. You may request an application by contacting us. Please do not apply to be a retailer for the purpose of getting a group of people together with the same interest to purchase at a discount. We have created a new "Group Deal" feature on our website for this purpose.

Do you rent outside the United States?

Currently our rental program is only available to U.S. residents. We are continuing our testing of different rental options for International subscribers in the pursuit to find a favorable option for all. We will post here if there are any changes.

Do you sell your product to rental companies?

Tawzer Dog LLC refuses to sell product to rental companies.

Tawzer Dog LLC has the right to refuse to sell to anyone at any time. Tawzer Dog LLC is not willing to sell any of its products to persons or businesses that rent, or intend to rent, the materials they purchase to other persons for a fee. Each person who directly, or indirectly through another, makes a purchase on this website or who breaks the seal on a DVD is certifying that they are not purchasing, and have not asked anyone else to make a purchase for their benefit, for purpose of renting those materials to others for a fee. Any misrepresentation will be considered a fraudulent purchase and the person fraudulently obtaining those materials directly or indirectly from Tawzer Dog LLC will be obligated to return the materials to Tawzer Dog LLC. Any purchase price paid will be refunded. Any person who refuses to return those materials, agrees that an injunction would be the appropriate relief since it would be impossible to measure in money the damages that will accrue to Tawzer Dog LLC by reason of its materials being available for rent on an unauthorized website.

How do I apply for CCPDT CEUs?

Please visit our "Applying for CEUs" page for more details.

How do I become a Tawzer Blogger?

Currently customers can comment on blog posts. If you would like to post a something on our blog, type it up and email to Debra Staten dstaten@tawzerdog.com and if approved we will post it for you.

How do I cancel or suspend my rental subscription:

<p><span>Subscribers may cancel or suspend their subscription at any time by logging into their account and from your "My Dashboard" page <em>(landing page after logging in) </em>click on "My Membership Subscriptions" and then click on the "Payment Reference I.D." Finally, click either the green SUSPEND or the green CANCEL button. Please note that CANCELLED subscriptions cannot be reactivated. Choose this option only if you are positive you will not want to reactive your subscription in the future. Please also note that there are no refunds or credits for partial periods or unused rental program periods. If you cancel or suspend and still have discs out, you will be billed a monthly fee for every month the discs have not been fully returned. </span></p>

How do I contact Tawzer Dog?

Because we are often on the road gathering new resources for you, the best way to contact us is via email.

  • For support questions: support@tawzerdog.com
  • For order questions: sales@tawzerdog.com
  • For complete contact information, please visit the About Us page.
  • Or use the Contact Us form on our website.
How do I delete or organize items in my rental queue?

To delete an item from your rental queue click the "X" to the right of that item. To rearrange the order of the items in your rental queue, click on the item and move it to the position you want (drag and drop).

How do I earn Tawzer Reward Points?

You can earn reward points towards future purchases by:

  • Sign up to receive the Tawzer Dog Newletter and earn 20 rewards points
  • Write a product review and earn 2 rewards points (limit 10/day)
  • Refer a Friend and earn 20 rewards points (limit 60/day)
  • Customers receive 10 reward points for their referral's purchase
How do I update my credit card information?

You can update your credit card information from your Tawzer Account. First, log into your account and select My Membership Subscriptions from your My Account dashboard. Next, click on your Payment Reference ID number. Next, click on Payment Setting (located in the About This Profile: Profile Information section at the top of the screen). Next, click on the green Update Payment Button (bottom of the screen). Next, enter new credit card information. Finally, press the green SAVE button. Your credit card information has now been updated.

How does the rental program work?

For complete details on rental subscriptions, please visit the Rental Program Tab located at the top of the website.

How long do my reward points last?

Tawzer Reward Points expire 90 days from issuance.

How long does it take to receive my rental disc?

Estimate 3 to 5 business days for west coast and 5 to 10 business days for east coast.

If your queue shows a disc shipped on a holiday, it will not actually ship until the next day the USPS is open.

We turn the discs within 24 hrs....the day we receive one of your discs back, we will ship out the next one that same day or the following morning, depending on volume received.

Rental discs are sent out standard First Class US mail from Boise, Idaho. Please note: we have control over the date we ship not over the date they arrive. Same goes for when you are returning rentals, we have no control on when they will arrive at our office, but we will receive them into the system on or before the next business day.

Please be advised, 5 to 10 business days to the east coast could be the max equivalent of 2 calendar weeks.

Wondering why it takes so long to east coast? Here's a little history:

We use to ship in the two-way mailers approved by USPS Post Master for shipping DVD or game rental discs which USPS mandates will always run on the automated equipment. Despite the USPS's claim that their automated process works for discs, they still were constantly damaging them. However the ones they did not damage would have a faster transit time than they do now. USPS claimed the issue could only be resolved by not using automation.

The only way the USPS would allow a rental disc to be manually processed is if we put them in plastic that does not fit into the automated machines and pay double the postage in both directions. We implemented that process to avoid rental subscribers receiving a disc broken in half. Now that the rental discs are manually processed not just through our post office but also through the 5 to 7 postal locations they stop at between us and the subscriber, there was an increase in transit time to the above stated estimates. On occasion one of those stops in between will ignore the bold "non-machinable" print on the mailer and stick it in an automated machine which destroys our discs and jams their equipment. The USPS most of the time will NOT notify us of the issue and we won't know until you call or email to let us know it hasn't arrived. In which case you will receive the best customer support possible and a quick resolution to meet your needs. It is best practice to log into your account dashboard and check the ship dates on your rentals, if it's gone past the estimated transit time, contact us right away. Please note there will NEVER be a case where Tawzer "forgot" to ship your disc within 24 hours so please be patient with us on any unforeseen USPS issues.

If you are the type of subscriber who views the disc when you have time, then you are probably not affected much by the transit time. If you are the type of subscriber who likes to view and return as quick as possible and you live in the longer transit area, then the puppy package is NOT the best option for you. It is better to subscribe to a larger package that allows you to rotate multiple discs so you can be watching one while the other is on its way back to us and so on. Unfortunately these are the only options available to us. The next step up in forms of shipping would cost $6 and $10 (both directions combined) and majority of our rental subscribers do not want to see that kind up price increase.

Why does Netflix ship faster? This is a common question. First, our rental program is so niche it will never do the volumes it takes to have that kind of negotiating power with the USPS. Netflix mailers are not processed through automation or the same manual process. In fact they don't get touched until they hit your post office. Therefore they do not have to use plastic, they pay way less, gets there faster and doesn't get damaged. That's just the way it is. We've carved out the best possible solutions for our very small portion of DVD rental market.

The above information was for the sake of full disclosure on transit time and allow you to make a decision that best suit your needs. The majority of our rental customers are extremely successful with the program.

I can't find historical order data from your old site?

Unfortunately because of the differences in site platform from old to the new site, we are unable to transfer over historical order data prior to March 2013 into your new account dashboards. We do however have the data on file and can send you copies of historical invoices, upon receiving a request.

I sent my disc back but it still shows checked out?

We receive discs back in the system within 24 hours of their arrival and send you an email notification when a rental disc has been received back in. We have no control over how long the postal service will take and there is no tracking information informing us that you put a disc in the mail to us. If you haven't received a return notification within a week of mailing it, then you we can assume the one of the following happened:

  • disc was lost in the mail
  • damaged in transit
  • you returned it without the disc sleeve that has barcode info which lets us know who returned the disc. 

If you think this might be the case, contact us or send an email to support@tawzerdog.com. Let us know your first & last name and the title of your missing disc. We will return it from your queue and ship your next disc.

I would like to have Tawzer Dog produce a DVD of me!

We are always looking for new material with a positive approach. Please contact us directly to get all the details on becoming one of our content providers. Include your contact information, website (if any) and a brief description of topic you are considering. A decision will be made based on our review of demand for topic, speaker background and our booking schedule.

If I create a login, am I automatically signed up for the rental program?

No. With an account you can place orders and participate in other store features. To become a rental program subscriber, you must purchase one of our rental program packages. Info on our rental program can be found via the Rental Program Tab at the top of the page.

What are product tags?

Product Tags are descriptors that you can assign to any product to help you organize and remember them and are used for the site search. They’re essentially keywords or keyword phrases. If you put in a keyword (even if it doesn't appear in the title or description) and someone searches for that keyword that product will come up. Any logged in user can add as many tags to a product as he/she wants and rename or delete them later. Tags will be viewable by everyone browsing the product and will display in a block on product info page. Customers can enter tags in the block that appears below product description. Tawzer Dog admin has to approve a tag the first time it is used, before it appears on the site. Once the tag has been approved by us it is free for use on other products, and will not have to be approved again.

What are your international shipping options?

We only use United States Postal Service (USPS) for international shipments. Current services available are:

  • USPS Priority International - (this service will provide us tracking information)
  • USPS First Class International - (least expensive service, takes longer and has NO TRACKING).

Please note: we have no control over how long your package sits in your country's customs department. We cannot call your custom's department or your local post, they will only provide information to the receiver of the package.

What format are your DVDs?

All DVDs produced by Tawzer Dog LLC are Universal Format and will play in your country.

What if did not receive an order confirmation email?

Our system auto send an email confirmation. If you did not receive one, it can be found by logging into your account and from the "My Dashboard" page click on "My Orders". From there you can view and print order receipts. If you placed your order as a guest you will have to contact us and request we resend. support@tawzerdog.com

What if I forgot to return the sleeve with my disc?

If you do not return the sleeve with the disc in your mailer, then we will not have the barcode information that lets us know whose queue to return it against. This will cause you not to receive a return notification from us and the disc will continue to show you have it checked out until you contact us to inquire about a disc that should have been returned. Please take care to include the sleeve.

What if I get a telephone error at checkout?

Telephone is a require field in your saved addresses. If you receive this error at checkout it is due to a missing telephone number. It is possible that the last time you logged in was far enough back it was before telephone became a required field and now needs updating. If you experience this make sure you are logged in, click on "My Account". From your "My Dashboard" page click on "Address Book". Update the telephone field and then save. You can then continue with your purchase.

What if I get an address error during checkout?

Most likely this is due to our script during transfer for old site to new site, caused zip codes beginning with 0 to drop off the 0. We have identified all affected and currently working on manually adding the zero back. If you experience this before we get yours corrected, you can easily correct it yourself by making sure you are logged in, click on "My Account". From your "My Dashboard" page click on "Address Book". Correct any inaccuracy in your address and then save. You can then continue with your purchase. Please note telephone is a required field.

What if my dog ate my rental disc?

You'd be suprised how often this happens, you're not alone! No worries, we understand and we will not charge you for the destroyed disc. We request that you take future care in keeping our discs out of reach from our furry friends. To inform us of the destroyed disc, contact us or send an email to support@tawzerdog.com. Let us know your first & last name, the title and disc #. We will return it from your queue and send out your next disc.

What if my rental disc has not arrived?

We send you an email notification when a rental disc has shipped. We have no control on how long the postal service will take and there is no tracking information informing us that you have not received the disc. If it hasn't shown up within a week after your shipping notification then you can assume the disc was lost in the mail or damaged in transit. If you think this might be the case, contact us or send an email to support@tawzerdog.com. Let us know your first & last name and the title of your missing disc. We will ship a replacement.

What is a Group Deal?

"Tawzer Group Deals" is a new tool that works much like a group coupon. We will post a timed discount offer on a particular item as well as the min number of people needed to take advantage of the deal. When the clock runs out if the min number of people has been met, then you all receive the deal. If the min number has not been met then you are refunded automatically when the clock runs out. Visit the Group Deals Page to see the latest deal.

What is an Account?

An Account is when you create a user name and password on our site. Although our site allows you to make purchases as a Guest, you must have an Account login to receive Reward Points, track order history, create Wish Lists and utilize other useful features.

What is tawzerdog.com?

Tawzerdog.com offers a huge selection of produced in-house canine training & behavior DVDs with top professionals. Tawzerdog.com is the best way for canine professionals to search and purchase the latest in positive approach training material and other product carefully hand-picked by the Tawzer Dog staff. Tawzerdog.com helps CCPDT members meet their continuing education requirements and offers a way for you to share your favorite learning materials with your fellow professionals.

What is the charge if I lost my rental disc?

If you lost your rental disc send an email to support@tawzerdog.com. Let us know your first & last name, the title and disc # of your lost disc. We will return it from your queue and send out your next disc. Accidents happen, we will not charge you for the lost disc...unless of course there is an ongoing pattern. 

What is your DVD warranty policy?

90-Day warranty on all DVDs for defects. Please take care to review your order within the warranty period and inform us of any defect and we will ship you a replacement disc.

What U.S. shipping methods do you use?

We use United States Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS) for all domestic shipments. Available options are:

  • USPS Priority Mail
  • USPS Media Mail (DVDs & Books Only). Please anticipate this service will take longer than priority mail as it is subject to random inspections by USPS, which could cause short delays. USPS does not allow "other products" (non-media) to ship via this service, doing so can cause delays and/or increase in shipping charge.
  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 2nd Day Air
  • UPS 3-day Select

Shipping charges are based on weight of entire order. We cannot quote shipping charges over the phone. The best way to estimate your shipping cost is to add items to your cart.

Where can I find your Forum?

The Tawzer Dog Forum is currently under construction and will be launched soon. It can be found under the Community Tab at the top of the page.

Why did I not receive reward points on my purchase?

You will not see the reward points program if you are making a purchase, review, referral as a Guest. You must create an account or be logged into your account to receive reward points.

Why did my post office charge me an extra 20 cents?

Tawzer Dog mailers were designed in collaboration with the United States Post Office Pricing and Classification Service Center to meet the size and weight requirements for machinability standard first-class letter mailing rate. Their engineering department conducted an evaluation of our two-way mailers. Based on their review and results of their testing, USPS determined and ruled that our mailers meet the flexibility standards for machinability and automated first-class letter mailing. No local post office employee or manager has the authority to revoke the approval of the USPS National Customer Rulings Manager. On rare occasions we have seen a local post office lack the training or knowledge of the ruling and chooses to add 20 cents. Most of the time that happens on the way back to us and is caught by our post office but in the event it happens to you please send an email to support@tawzerdog.com with your local post office's location and we will educate them.

Why was I charged a VAT tax at time of delivery?

We only charge you for shipping. We have no authority to collect VAT taxes for your country. Each country has their own VAT tax regulations and you are solely responsible for any tax obligation to your country. If you are unfamiliar of your country's VAT tax you can google it to find out what order dollar amount they will apply a VAT tax too. For example: many locations will not charge a VAT tax on orders below $100. Tawzer Dog does not keep a list of VAT tax rules for each country, you will need to check your local resources to find out what your VAT guidelines are. If your order is subject to VAT tax, your local post will notify you of that charge and you will be required to pay it before receiving your product.

Will you produce a DVD of me?

Tawzer Dog LLC is always looking for new and relivant training material. If you would like to receive royalty on a DVD we produce of your material, please contact Debra Staten dstaten@tawzerdog.com or Alta Tawzer alta@tawzerdog.com. Include a brief overview of the topic you would like to present, infomation about yourself, website if you have one and dates you are considering. We will review and be in contact. Remember keep it positive!