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Dogsteps (rent part 1 of 1)

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Rachel Page Elliott

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Presented by: Rachel Page Elliott

The most complete information on canine gait and movement! Includes anatomical diagrams and film clips of still and moving x-rays which provide a look at bone and joint motion inside the dog. Illustrations throughout the DVD emphasize the importance of sound structure and show how serious deviations may affect efficiency and endurance. Suggested in combination with new Dogsteps Book for even better understanding, and highly recommended for every serious fancier and certainly every breeder.  


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Additional Info

Type DVD
Run Time 65 mins
Presenter Rachel Page Elliott
Publisher No
Copyright © 1998, Rachel Page Elliott
Author No
About The Presenter (BIO)

Rachel Page Elliott (February 27, 1913 - March 20, 2009)

Writer, researcher and world authority on dogs, Rachel Page Elliott, has passed away at the age of 96. Considered one of the world’s most respected authorities on canine structure and movement, Elliott was well-known in the show dog community for being the author the illustrated Dogsteps, a book on canine anatomy and movement published in 1973. A follow-up to Dogsteps, Dogsteps: A New Look, published in 2001, used cineradiography (moving x-rays) to provide more insight into bone and joint movement in moving dogs. Her research also debunked the long-held belief that ideal shoulder lay-back in a well structured dog should be 45 degrees. Her findings revealed that "as a dog stands with the forelegs in natural pose, a blade that sets about 30 degrees off a vertical plane - measured up the scapular ridge - is within normal limits for the average well-built dog" (Elliott, 2001, p. 68). And she apologized for doing so! "It is with a feeling of responsibility that I share the radiographic findings with fellow dog fanciers, for I realize how ideas that upset or challenge long standing theories or concepts can create controversy. I do not aim to persuade - I offer the new material in this edition only to present and discuss the findings as they have been revealed to me" (Elliott, 2001, p. xv).

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