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Different Faces of Aggression

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Different Faces of Aggression (rent part 1 of 4)
Different Faces of Aggression (rent part 2 of 4)
Different Faces of Aggression (rent part 3 of 4)
Different Faces of Aggression (rent part 4 of 4)

Quick Overview

Trish King - filmed 2006 - this DVD qualifies for 6 trainer CCPDT CEUs

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Different Faces of Aggression 

Presented by: Patricia King

DVD- 4 disc set

As we know, many dog lovers are ignorant about what aggression is and is not. They don't understand that temperament and early experience can have a strong influence on all dog behavior, including aggression, and it's our job to help them differentiate between types and address possible modification techniques. The earlier we can analyze what is causing the behavior, the more effective our intervention can be. During this discussion, we will evaluate video examples of the principal types of aggression, as well as some subsets. As the session progresses, we can address behavior modification of individual types. These include: Dominance aggression; Territorial aggression; Conflict aggression; Excessive arousal; Predatory behavior; Facilitated aggression; Possession aggression.  


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Additional Info

Type DVD universal format
Run Time No
Presenter Trish King
Publisher Tawzer Dog LLC
Copyright © 2006, Tawzer Dog LLC
Author No
About The Presenter (BIO)

Trish is a nationally recognized dog behavior and training expert. Her home is currently filled with two dogs: Strider, a formerly stray German Shepherd and Luke, a Bull Terrier Mix. Trish has extensively studied, taught, and written about dogs. She has been at MHS since 1994 and established the Canine Behavior Academy (formerly CITA) program. She is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) and a Certified Dog Behavior Counselor (CDBC). In September 2004, Trish’s book Parenting Your Dog was published to wide acclaim.

Trish frequently teaches workshops and seminars on dog behavior, canine management, behavior assessment and handling difficult dogs. She is also an instructor for the Officer Training Academy at MHS and was a member of the panel that developed the Delta Society’s Professional Standards for Dog Trainers: Effective, Humane Principles. She has spoken at several national conferences, including APDT, HSUS and AHA.

Trish says she is “eternally fascinated by canine communication and human interactions with animals.” And people and their animal companions are the better for it.

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