About us

Tawzer Dog LLC produces educational videos encompassing animal training and behavioral titles.  In addition to offering educational DVDs, the company also sells books, training tools, treats, clothing, and other animal related accessories via its website.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide professional trainers, pet owners, and animal enthusiasts with training materials and products that will enhance their knowledge and meet their needs.

We will build an evolving and diverse portfolio of product offerings and services in order to become the destination store for our customer base.

Company Values:

As a company and as individuals we value:

  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Respect for the individual (human or otherwise)
  • Service to Society

Tawzer Dog LLC promotes the humane treatment of animals. As such, product offerings represent ‘Positive Method’ practices and interactions exclusively.

Our Services:

  • Video production and manufacturing from concept to consumption
  • DVD rental program encompassing animal training and behavioral titles
  • Continuing Educational Credits on select DVDs
  • Video On-Demand

Management Team:

Debbie Pruett: CEO | Idea Girl


I have had a love affair with creativity ever since my parents brought home my first coloring book at age four. Within minutes, my graham-cracker encrusted fingers were hard pressing the crayons to create precision bold outlines of the smiley face grandfather clock then easing the pressure to shade in the sections with a lighter hue. I’m a designer, illustrator, front end developer and a guerrilla marketing fanatic.

Along with my lifelong fascination for all things creative, my professional skill set has been honed through positions as a Customer Service Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager and Small Business Owner.

I was afforded the opportunity to learn the business from the founder of Tawzer Dog Videos, my mother Alta Tawzer. In 2011 my husband Scott and I acquired the business and gave birth to our 4th child, “Tawzer Dog LLC”. Since then, the company added amazingly talented full-time staff, diversified products and services and experienced 490% growth. I am passionate about business and using the internet to ignite success for Tawzer Dog LLC and our business partners.

Today, I work on developing the Tawzer Dog brand, from web design to marketing. I also manage financial operations within the company. In my personal life, you will find me gardening, spending time with my family or enjoying a few simple pleasures, including a glass of wine, a broken in pair of blue jeans and cuddling on the couch with my dog “Bella”.



Debra Staten: Partner: COO | Camp Counselor


I do my best to grab every opportunity that life throws my way. I do not want to look back on my life and regret that chance I didn’t take.

My professional background is centered in operations management. I have been fortunate to work for different corporations and in different industries over the course of my career. These experiences introduced me to new people, new ideas and global concepts that helped shape the private and professional person I am today. I am a graduate of George Fox University and hold a BA in Management and Organizational Leadership.

Within Tawzer, I oversee daily operations, helping to develop the best products possible for our customers. I strive to maximize profits and customer satisfaction by ensuring that production runs smoothly. As someone who believes deeply in the importance of relationships, I work very hard to provide our business partners and customers with exceptional service.

I’m a compulsive book buyer who appreciates the fact I don’t have to dust the books on my kindle.

In my free time I enjoy skiing, hiking, camping and exploring new places with family and friends.  Closer to home you can find me weeding the garden or on my bike with any of my three grandchildren.



Scott Pruett: Partner: Logistics Engineer | Resident Mac Gyver


I stand alongside my fellow company partners and assist as they chart their way forward. It’s scary heading into the unknown, into the often unchartered waters of change. My contribution to their enquiry is the union of my experience as a firefighter with a deep interest in leadership behavior and how it impacts results.

As a firefighter, I live by essential traits I must possess in order to find success on the fire ground and in the firehouse [integrity, physical fitness, team player, communication, adaptability, mechanical aptitude, dedication, tolerance and self-sacrifice]. These traits transition perfectly into my role with the company.

Within Tawzer Dog, I handle the organization of purchases, transport, storage, distribution, and warehousing of materials and finished goods. My years of experience fighting fires have given me tools needed to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction for the company.

When I’m not handling logistics at Tawzer Dog or fighting fires, I can be found organizing fundraisers or managing a 501-3c burn out fund. In my personal life, I enjoy gardening with my wife, golfing, copious amounts of video games with my kids, a philosophical debate and a good Sunday steak.




Kody Kirby: Producer/Videographer/Editor | Cool Dude


My journey into videography and editing started at a young age in Eagle, ID. From my very first photography class in junior high and my broadcasting classes in high school to having the privilege of a 4 year mentorship with my Grandmother Alta Tawzer while employed at Tawzer Dog Videos before taking the reins in 2011 with the transition to Tawzer Dog LLC. I have always felt drawn to videography and the post production process.

Professionally I enjoy creating a wide variety of video training material, graphic designing in Photoshop and helping presenters discover original ways to speak about themselves and their work…so they can stand out, make more money and gain a following.

I’ve been a Mac devotee since 2009. On my iPhone and iPad 2, my favorite apps are Spotify and Ifunny. In my personal life, I can be found in the crowd at an EDM festival. I enjoy creating music, flying drones, snowmobiling and hiking with my dog Ellie.